December 5, 2005

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This is a bonus edition of Queer Music Heritage, and the object is to showcase as many TG artists as I could in one show. It's a follow-up to last week's show where I interviewed Veronica Klaus, Jessica Xavier of Femme Messiah, and Georgie Jessup.

vintage trans pulp magazine

vintage trans pulp magazine

Note:  many images have pics "behind" them, when you pass your cursor over them   


Part 1, 56:44
Jayne County - Transgender Rock & Roll (1995)
Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday - Is She a Girl? (2005)
All the Pretty Horses - Falling In Love Again (1998)
Pepperspray - Balls (2005)
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl (2004)
Glamazon - Holy War (1996)
Dana Baitz - Lola (2005)
Dana Baitz - She Said (1998)
Rae Bourbon - Let Me Tell You About My Operation (1956)
Coccinelle - Love Me Or Leave Me (Prends Moi ou Laisse Moi) (1959)
Danny O'Connor (Canary Conn) - If I Am Not Free (1969)
Bambi Lake - What Wouldn't I Do For That Man (2005)
Grae Phillips - In the Middle of a Kiss (2001)
Adele Anderson - My Voice (1998)
Vicki D'Salle - If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It (2004)
From The Sissy Show - Come On In (2003)
From The Sissy Show - Me & My Centerfold (2003)
Tina Benez - Second Hand Rose (1999)
Tina Benez - Don't Mess With Mary (1994)
Romy Haag - Superparadise (1978)
Dana International - Dana International (1998)
Hedwig - Wig in a Box (1999)

Part 2, 53:30
Katastrophe - Your Girlfriend (2004)
Katastrophe - Oh, No (2005)
Peter Outerbridge - I'm Not A Fucking Drag Queen (1999)
Peecocks - Are You A Boy, Or Are You A Girl (1990)
Imperial Drag - Boy or Girl (1996)
Angela Motter - IsItABoyIsItAGirl (1998)
Deckard - Christine (2000)
Transisters - Lotsa Glamour (1999)
Gurlfriendz - All of Me (2005)
Temptress - Be a Girl (2000)
Vibralux - Barbie Doll (2004)
Storm Florez - Twisted (2001)
Bitesize - Switch Hitter (1999)
Transcendence Gospel Choir - Safe in the Arms of Jesus (2003)
Namoli Brennet - Boy In A Dress (2002)
Namoli Brennet - We Belong (2003)
Didi Stewart - My First Kiss (2004)
Jayne County - Man Enough To Be A Woman (2003/1978)

Read the script...Plus more photos


1995       2003

circa 1974 pic, colorized

2 by Lisa Jackson   Lisa & Jayne   JD & Lisa

Above, Lisa Jackson's 2003 CD "I Am OK," and center, flyer for a show she did with
Jayne County, and right, when I met her in 2003, in NYC.
Below center is Venus, nee Steven Grandell, and releases by All the Pretty Horses

ATPH: "Queens & Angels" and "Creature"  Venus  ATPH: "Dolls With Balls" and "Ruin"

Click to hear the interview

Pepperspray    Pepperspray

Above, San Francisco band Pepperspray and their 2005 CD EP, and below,
Lipstick Conspiracy, also from San Francisco, and their 2004 release,
"Don't Tell a Soul." Below their two pics is their new 2006 CD.

Lipstick Conspiracy: (from left) Sarafina Marachino, Marilyn Mitchell, Tori Tait, Shawna Love and Emme Yaarwood     Lipstick Conspiracy

Below is Glamazon, with Christine Beatty and Shredmistress Rynata. Their CD came out in1995.

  Glamazon   Glamazon

Below, Toronto artist Dana Baitz, and her albums from 2004 and 1998

"Pretty Little Shape Shifter," 2005      "Flower," 1998


      Coccinelle, which means Ladybird   2 of her rare EPs from the '50s

Click for more on Coccinelle

Canary Conn

1974 book by Canary Conn Danny O'Connor Canary Conn

Danny O'Connor became Canary Conn, but not before
releasing one 45 rpm record on Capitol, in 1969

Click for Much more on Canary Conn

Bambi Lake CD  Grae Phillips CD  CDs by Adele Anderson and Fascinating Aida

Above, Bambi Lake's 2005 CD "My Glamourous Life as a Broadway Hostess," and the
2001 CD by Canadian model/singer Grae Phillips, and Adele Anderson's 1998 CD.
Adele is below right in between the other two members of UK's popular cabaret trio
Fascinating Aida. Bambi Lake's 1996 book is below left.

Bambi's book  Fascinating Aida

       Grae Phillips meditation CD      

Above right is Vicki D'Salle at Cincinnati Pride 2004. Left, Grae Phillips
also has a meditation CD, and a make-up line, all available at her site.

    Hedwig, original cast recording CD

Below, Steven Trask, who wrote the music and lyrics for "Hedwig," accepts
the 1999 GLAMA Award for Original Cast Album. They also won for the award for
Score for Film or Theatre, and were nominated in two other categories.
The production's star, John Cameron Mitchell, is at the far right.

"Hedwig" cast, photo by JD Doyle


shown are Christine Howey (left) and Katherine Harvey


Tina Benez    Don't Mess With Mary, a Tom Wilson Weinberg project

Above, Tina Benez' 1999 CD "Love Me or Die," and she also sang the title track on the 1994 CD "Don't Mess With Mary." And it's amazing what you can learn from liner notes...for Tina's 1999 album Veronica Klaus did her make up. They are both shown in the photo I took at the GLAMA Awards (1999), have no idea who the lad between them is.

Tina, cute guy, and Veronica

Romy Haag's "Superparadise" 45    Romy Haag

Above, German diva Romy Haag, and below, Israel's Dana International,
who was the Eurovision winner for 1998

     Dana International    Dana International

Well, with 35 different artists on this supersized show, I'm going
to spread them over two main pages, click for page 2
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