August 2000
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  Wendy Carlos  "A Taste Of Hermione

Above, Wendy (Walter) Carlos and her hit LP "Switched On Bach," from 1969. And, at right, Hermione Baddeley

Playlist:       (airdate 8/28/00)
Wendy Carlos - jesu, joy of man's desiring (from "Switched On Bach", Columbia LP 7194, 1969)
Hermione Baddeley - I changed my sex a week ago today ("A Taste Of Hermione Baddeley", Prestige LP 30002, 1961)
The Charmer (Louis Farrakhan) - is she is or is she aint ("Calypsos From The West Indies" Monogram LP 854, 50s)
Nan Blakstone - he should've been a wac (Hush 3, 78rpm, 1947)
Lynn Carter -monologue excerpt (from "He's A She" Fiesta LP 1257, 50s)
Ruth Wallis - he'd rather be a girl ("Hot Songs for Cool Knights" Wallis LP 18, 1958)
Christine Jorgensen -excerpts from "Christine Jorgensen Reveals" (J Records LP J1&2, 1958)
Kinks - out of the wardrobe (from "Misfits" Arista LP 4167, 1978)
Rude Girls - rufus and beverly (from "Mixed Messages" Flying Fish CD 70511, 1990)
Howie Nave - your father was once my mother (from "I Can't Believe I Sang That" HCN CD 001, 1991)
Billy Tipton - marie (from "Billy Tipton Plays Hi-Fi On The Piano" Tops LP 1534, 1956)
Billy Tipton - rubber dolly (from 1949 radio broadcast)
Mac MacDonald - all my exes change their sexes (from "Jokee Kareokee" Smut CS 003, 1996)
Moe Bandy & Joe Stamply - where's the dress (Columbia 04477, 1984, 45rpm)
Reverand Billy C. Wirtz - honky tonk hermaphrodite (from "Backslider Tractor Pull" Hightone CD 8024, 1990)
Rodney Carrington - dancing with a man (from "Hangin' With Rodney"   Mercury CD 558210, 1998)
Bob Rivers - walkin' 'round in women's underwear (from "I Am Santa Claus"  Atlantic CD 82548-2, 1993)
Jayne County - transgender rock & roll (from "Deviation" Royalty CD 105, 1995)
Veronica Klaus - black diamond days (from "All I Want" independent CD, 1998)
Jessica Xavier - the same new me (from "Changeling" independent CD, 2000)

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Artist Links:
Ruth Wallis
Billy Tipton biography
Veronica Klaus
Jayne County

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo
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Goldenrod Music


Above, Nan Blakstone sang that
"He Should've Been A Wac," in 1947.

Louis Farrakhan sang "Is She Is Or Is She Ain't" on his calypso album, circa 1953

Christine Jorgensen  a pre-op Christina  and, after  Christine Jorgensen


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Kinks "Misfits" LP  Rude Girls CD "Mixed Messages"  Howie Nave CD  Mac MacDonald

Above, Kinks "Misfits" LP; Rude Girls 1990 CD "Mixed Messages;"
Howie Nave CD from 1991; and Mac MacDonald CS

Rodney Carrington  Moe & Joe  Rev Billy C Wirtz  "I Am Santa Claus"

Above, CDs by Rodney Carrington , Moe & Joe,
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz and Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio

Billy Tipton in Hi Fi  "Sweet Georgia Brown" by BillyTipton  Billy Tipton

Above, the two albums by the Billy Tipton Trio, from the mid-50's,
"Billy Tipton Plays Hi-Fi On Piano" and "Sweet Georgia Brown."
Below, liner blurb from "Hi-Fi," referring to Billy as an "Oklahoma boy."

Below, article on Billy after his death; Billy; the Billy Tipton Trio, and the wonderful
biography by Diane Wood Middlebrook "Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton."

Billy, in later years  Billy Tipton  Billy Tipton Trio  Suits Me

Extra Bonus!!! Click Here to hear both of Billy Tipton's albums!

Jayne County CD "Deviation"  Veronica Klaus  "All I Want" by Veronica Klaus  Veronica Klaus

"The Same New Me"
    By Jessica Xavier

Hello, old friend/ Yes, it's been a while/ Is that a frown/ Instead
of your usual smile?/ Don't be put off/ It's no put on/ I'll try to
explain it in this song

I fought this war/ But you couldn't have known/ Went on this
journey/ Now I'm finally home/ I found no why/ But I did find
who I am/ And this is who I'll be/ The best I can

So...Don't be sad/ Just be glad/ It's the only choice I ever had/
No one to blame/ For how I've changed/ Though to you this
must seem so very strange/ I'm sorry to have caused you any
difficulty/ But I am still your friend/ The same new me

Goodbye, old friend/ Yes, it's hard to accept/ I had my hopes/
But I didn't know what to expect/ There is no why/ There's only
who I am/ And this is who I'll be/ The best I can

So...Don't be sad/ For me, be glad/ It's the only choice I ever
had/ And there's no shame/ In how I've changed/ Yeah, but
to you this must seem so very strange/ I'm sorry that I'll
never ever make you see/ That I am still your friend/
The same new me/ Goodbye, old friend

Jessica Xavier  Jessica Xavier CD  Jessica Xavier

Above, Jayne County and three shots of Veronica Klaus; directly above, Jessica Xavier.

Check out my November 2005 show for interviews with
Veronica Klaus & Jessica Xavier, and More!

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