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Playlist, Part 2 (53:30)

Katastrophe - Your Girlfriend (2004) *
Katastrophe - Oh, No (2005) *
Peter Outerbridge - I'm Not A Fucking Drag Queen (1999) *
Peecocks - Are You A Boy, Or Are You A Girl (1990) *
Imperial Drag - Boy or Girl (1996) *
Angela Motter - IsItABoyIsItAGirl (1998) *
Deckard - Christine (2000) *
Transisters - Lotsa Glamour (1999) *
Gurlfriendz - All of Me (2005) *
Temptress - Be a Girl (2000)
Vibralux - Barbie Doll (2004)
Storm Florez - Twisted (2001) *
Bitesize - Switch Hitter (1999)
Transcendence Gospel Choir - Safe in the Arms of Jesus (2003) *
Namoli Brennet - Boy In A Dress (2002)
Namoli Brennet - We Belong (2003) *
Didi Stewart - My First Kiss (2004) 4:05
Jayne County - Man Enough To Be A Woman (2003/1978)

* = on internet version of show only

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vintage trans magazine

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"Let's F*ck, Then Talk About My Problems"   Katastrophe, aka Rocco Kayiatos  "Fault, Lies, and Faultlines"

Kastastrophe received the Outmusic Award for Outstanding Producer
for the 2004 album "Let's F*ck, Then Talk About My Problems," and I
think his new release, "Fault, Lies, and Faultlines" is even better.

Boy/Girl Set

Jim Moran of the Peecocks       2 45s by the Peecocks  

In 1990 Boston band The Peecocks, led by gay frontman Jim Moran (above) did a cover version of the 1964 Barbarians hit "Are You A Boy, Or Are You A Girl." Below left, the 1999 movie "Better Than Chocolate" included a very declarative song as by Peter Outerbridge's character, shown inset in Peter's photo. And lower right, the band Deckard included the song "Christine" on their 2000 album "Stereodreamscene."

 Peter Outerbridge      Deckard

Imperial Drag

Imperial Drag asked the musical question "Boy or Girl" on their eponymous 1996 album, and at the 1999 GLAMA Awards lesbian artist Angela Motter's song "IsItABoyIsItAGirl" was nominated for Out Song, and better yet, the album "Pleasure or Pain" won the Out Recording Award. I just love the photo of her on the right.

Angela Motter - Pleasure and Pain


Angela Motter



Transisters   Gurlfriendz CD

This box rocks, with The Transisters self-titled 1999 album. Above is the debut 5-song CD by Houston
trans band The Gurlfriendz, who are shown below performing at the 2005 Houston Pride Festival.



The Transisters are shown above, and below is a poster for what must have
been a hoot, Trans-Rock Halloween, which featured Vibralux and Tempress

Trans-Rock Halloween

Click to visit Robert Urban's site for pics of the above show, and more!

Temptress - Wiizard of Odd   Vibralux - Transmission

More pics, above the "Wizard of Odd" CD from 2000 and the 2004 CD by Vibralux called "Transmission"
Below, another shot of Vibralux



Storm Florez "Standing Between the Day and the Night"  Julia Serano of Bitesize  Best of Bitesize

Above left is the 2001 album by Storm Florez, "Standing Between the Day and the Night." photos of her on the net seem to be rare, and the only decent one I found was small, so I superimposed it onto her album cover. And Julia Serano smiles next to the 1999 CD by her group Bitesize. Their 2001 album, "Sophomore Slump," is below, next to "Whosoever Believes." In 2003 The Transcendence Gospel Choir, of San Francisco (where else?) released the first album by an all transgendered choral group. The next year it was deemed good enough to receive the Outmusic Award for Outstanding Album by a Chorus or Choir.

Bitesize - Sophomore Slump  Trancendence Gospel Choir

Transcendence Gospel Choir

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"Boy in a Dress" 2002  "Welcome to the Afterglow" 2003  "The Brighter Side of Me" 2004

Listen to Interview

Namoli Brennet, photo by Ed Mannix  Namoli Brennet  Namoli Brennet

Ah, Namoli Brennet, so talented and prolific. An album a year since 2002 and she's spread out five Outmusic Award nominations over them. I'm ready for her to win one, perhaps for her brand new CD " Chrysanthemum," out in December of 2005



Didi Stewart     Jayne on Rock Scene cover, circa 1974     Jayne's book

Didi Stewart cut a demo of the delightful song "My First Kiss," and big thanks to a mutual friend of hers, and mine, Phil X Milstein, for passing it along to me, so I can share it with my listeners....this show was the perfect opportunity. Above center is Queen Jayne on the cover of Rock Scene Magazine, circa 1974, and next to that is the 1995 book she wrote with Rupert Smith. I've read it several times, and she really needs to write the sequel.

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