Canary Conn / Danny O'Connor


Recording artist, transsexual, writer


The book, 1974 & 1977 editions, and the 45 rpm record, 1969

Reportedly, two other songs were recorded for Capitol, "Imaginary Worlds" and "Ridin' Red Hood."

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Photo section from the book

Canary Conn wrote the article below, published in the Playgirl Advisor
in 1977. It includes coverage of pioneering transman Jude Patton,
and I think him for sharing it with me.
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What happened to Canary Conn? I've found a reference on one blog
where the writer "had heard" she died around 1984. If you have
more information, please write me

October 2013, one of my site visitors has reported:
I worked for Canary in late 1983 or early 84 as a stand-by captain on the "Wanda", a classic 92ft wooden fantail motor yacht in Ventura Harbor in California. She lived on the boat which was up for repossession. My job was to move the boat to Santa Cruse Island in the event someone tried to repossess it, and wait for her to meet me there if she wasn't on board at the time. She later moved the boat to Sausalito, California, Where the boat was later repossessed. She was in good health and good spirits, for a person in her situation (failed recording studios, and failed restaurant,) I believe the name of the restaurant was "Canaries" on Spinnaker Drive in Ventura California. Located on the harbor her boat was in a slip out back.


1977 Interview, produced June 2019