Troy Walker - Zebedy Colt

Gretchen Phillips - Melissa Etheridge

Julie Clark - Lynn Deeves

Dykeapella - Communards

Willie Tyson x2

Christopher Dallman - Catie Curtis

Alix Dobkin & Frank Rogalla

Veronica Klaus & Georgie Jessup

Musica Femina - Liberace


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Peter Allen - Frank Grimaldi

Marcus Hutcheson - Peter Donnelly

Ferron - Deuce

Boys Town Gang - Nedra Johnson

Two Nice Girls - Gina Young

Paul Lekakis x2

Georgie Jessup & Tom Bogdan

Jessica Xavier & Coccinelle

Catie Curtis - Adrienne Torg

"Gay Disco Music"...from the anthems to the obscure, with special interviews with RuPaul, the Village People cowboy Randy Jones, and a salute to Dan Hartman by Tom Robinson. A 2-part special!
The Fabulous Dyketones, a good-time R&R lesbian band for 28 years...interview with founder Char Priolo. Also, composer Eric Lane Barnes describes his works and latest CD for Captain Smartypants.
The History of Gay Country Music, Part 1. Tracing our queer C&W heritage, with special interviews with Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country and Doug Stevens, and lots more. Y'all listen!
go to the bonus Gay Country show The Return of Big Bruce: Homophobia in Country Music. A special bonus show tracing the mostly comedy songs by straight artists that made the most of gay stereotypes over the years.
The History of Gay Country Music, Part 2. Continuing the story, this time focusing on the last 10-12 years, and the recent artists and recordings. Special interviews with Jeff Miller and Mark Weigle.
Special Interviews with Jesse Hultberg and Mary Gauthier. Hear Jesse talk about his early career and his wonderful 1994 solo album, and the way Mary talks about her songwriting is just fascinating.

Exploring the work of two pioneering artists, among the first to feature openly gay lyrics on their albums, in 1973. First, folksinger Michael Cohen, and then an exclusive interview with rocker Chris Robison.

Salute to the Outmusic 2005 Awards.
Music from all the winners, plus over 200 OMA photos, pics of the recordings, and extras.
Very special interview with Gretchen Phillips, talking about her music and her bands Two Nice Girls, Girls In The Nose, The Gretchen Phillips Xperience, Lord Douglas Phillips, and much more...two hour segment.
A look at women's music and its early publications with "Hot Wire" founder Toni Armstrong Jr, and a visit with our favorite All American Jewish Lesbian Folksinger, Phranc...two great interviews.
Something very different...Queer Girl Group Songs! And what I mean are gay/lesbian cover versions of Girl Group Songs of the 60's; and I went all out; it's uploaded in three parts, almost 3 hours!
First of two Special Shows on the music of Transgender Artists. Part 1 includes exclusive interviews with Veronica Klaus, Jessica Xavier of Femme Messiah, and Georgie Jessup.
go to the bonus TG Show A Bonus Show, Part 2 of my Transgender Music Special, packed full of many artists and genres, from pop to rock to cabaret, to jazz to folk to rap to blues and gospel; almost 2 hours.
Queer Xmas Specials. Two shows this year! Inclucing interview clips with Daniel Cartier, Mary Gauthier, Shawn Thomas & Jay Spears. Shows full of the Xmas music you won't be sick of by now!
Cowboy Girl - Marla BB

Venus Envy - Betsy Rose/Cathy Winter

Casselberry-Dupree - Flower/McLaren

Larry Havluck & Susan Herrick