This Way Out

Holy Titclamps


THE publication about Women's Music, with every issued published from 1984 through 1994. I cannot recommend this site more highly.


Goldenrod Music and Ladyslipper are
two excellent sources for Women's Music.

Out GLBT Artist videos, hosted by lesbian duo Sugarbeach


 Above, a great resource for info on the recordings of female impersonators


Uncle Donald's Castro Street

Click on the photo to visit Uncle Donald's Castro Street, which not only give a wonderful look at SF queer history, but also includes historic pics of our Marches on Washington.


Don't Call Me Madam: The Sad
and Crazy Life of Ray Bourbon

Site devoted to Rae Bourbon



I'm very pleased to add a link to this fun UK site. It's basically a collection of the lyrics of LGBT-themed songs, and they songs included are definitely slanted to the alternative and independent artist arena. A plus section is long list of artists and bands and who is and who isn't queer.

Houston's queer archives

a salon-inspired company of arts and alchemy - a daily spectacle of the best in arts, talent and culture   

Woolf & Wilde offers a look at queerdom from the cultural point of view; always thought-provoking
and interesting.
And below, a very cool UK queer site.

Polari Magazine

Above, a very UK specific site, but an interesting one entertaining blog   

Gay/Lesbian Pulp Magazine Art
Visit the Ryan Richardson's wonderful galleries at:

Gay on the Range
Strange Sisters

Lambda Legal


Out History   Boston


Above right, the 1976-1979 magazine
"Dyke, A Quarterly" is online archived, and very
cool to see, Here.

Rainbow History Project

Ad Schuring

Ad Schuring's very entertaining Dutch blog site with queer music, videos and sexy male images ...what's not to like?

     Matthew Shepard Foundation