August 2007
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Playlist    (airdate Aug 27, 2007, 1:02)
Suzi Nash - Uncle Mike (2005)
Rae Spoon - Don't Turn on Me (2005)
Actor Slash Model - S&M Cowboy (2007)
Actor Slash Model - TN Tranny Two Step (2007)
Heiskell - The Death of Knoxville Cool (2007)
Veronica Klaus - dialogue / Tomorrow Is My Turn /
     dialogue / I Feel Pretty (2007)
Glen or Glenda trailer (1953)
Mel Torme - Glow Worm (1992)
Jennifer Leitham Interview
Jennifer Leitham - Studio City Stomp (2007)
Jennifer Leitham - The Altered Blues (2007)
Jennifer Leitham - Beat the Meetles (2007
Jennifer Leitham - Split Brain (2007)
Jennifer Leitham - Stick It In Your Ear (2007)

Welcome to Part 4 of my four-part series on the music of Transgendered Artists. This time I visit the world of jazz, with acclaimed upright bass player Jennifer Leitham. She has decades of experience, playing and recording with notables like Mel Torme, George Shearing, Peggy Lee, Doc Severinsin, Gerry Mulligan and many others. She talks about her career and her TG journey. And of course I slip in some other fun music at the start, ranging from a children's song to a San Francisco chantuse.

Read the script for the show...   

Suzi Nash started the show with "Uncle Mike," from her children's album "Rainbow Sprinkles," designed to empower the children of GLBT families.

And from Canadian Rae Spoon's 2005 CD "Your Trailer Door" I took the track "Don't Turn on Me."

   Actor Slash Model's "Cheap Date"   Simon & Madsen


Actor Slash Model are Simon Strikeback (left in pic) and Madsen Minax and they bill themselves as a grassroots DIY transgendered indie-grass music and performance duo. Their debut CD is called "Cheap Date."

their myspace page


No, Jeff Heiskell is not a transgendered artist, but the subject matter of his song "The Death of Knoxville Cool," sure is. It comes from his new and excellent album "Soundtrack for an Aneurism." Jeff is not a new artist though by any means, as he was founder of the 90s band The Judybats, who had a number of poppy radio-friendly releases.

myspace page

Heiskell - Soundtrack for an Aneurism  Jeff Heiskell, 2007

I've been a fan of this next artist since her 1997 album "All I Want," and on my November 2005 show I featured a wonderful interview with her. She's Veronica Klaus, and she recently sent me an advance copy of an album by her called "Family Jewels: The Making of Veronica Klaus." That's the title of her award winning show in San Francisco, and is her story set to music, connected with dialogue. I'm very pleased to share with you a little of it.

the ever-so-schlocky 1953 movie "Glen or Glenda"

Jennifer Leitham Interview

In 2002 jazz muscian John Leitham became Jennifer Leitham
and of course her talent transcended that journey.

  Jennifer Leitham  Jennifer Leitham

Discography of Solo Releases
The Real Me 2006
Two for the Road 2005, recorded 1999
Live! 1997
Lefty Leaps In 1996
The Southpaw 1993
Leitham Up 1992

The Real me  Two for the Road

Live!  Lefty Leaps In

The Southpaw  Leitham Up

Below, from 1973, first professional band (John at far left)

Egdon Heath 1973

Bonus Interview with Jennifer Leitham:

On July 2, 2007, my Audiofile co-producer Chris Wilson did a live interview with Jennifer as part of the Los Angeles radio show IMRU, on KPFK, and that segment included Jennifer playing live in the studio.             Click to hear the 16 minute spot.

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include TG artists on most of my other shows


Pre Transition publicity shot August '01Photo by Jeff MichelsonPhoto by Gordon Sapsed - Jim Monroe memorial, Topeka, KS, July '06Photo by Amanda Bothwell - WCJP '02Photo by Bryan Caldwell - '07 NAMM Show