November 2005
Three Special Interviews With
Three Talented Transgendered Artists:

Veronica Klaus
Jessica Xavier
Georgie Jessup

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Veronica Klaus Jessica Xavier Georgie Jessup

Playlist      (airdate November 28, 2005)

Veronica Klaus   Part 1   43:27
I Will Survive (2005)
Angel From Montgomery (2005, w/Mark Weigle)
Black Diamond Days (1997)
Remember Walkin' in the Sand/Ruler of My Heart (1997)
Blind Hearts and Knowing Glances (1997)
Sloe Gin (2005, unreleased)
Fever (2005)

Jessica Xavier   Part 2   42:14
Unity (1999)
The Rainbow Song (Femme Messiah, 2005)
Male Priviledge (Femme Messiah, 2005)
Gender (Femme Messiah, 2005)
This Girl (1999)
Stonewall (1999)
The Same New Me (1999)

Georgie Jessup   Part 3   42:41
Devil's Child/Anything But Love (2005)
Road to Trinidad (2005)
I'm a Werewolf (2005)
Until I Dance (2001)
Girl to Look Good (2001)
Drag City (2001, demo)
Transsexual Truck Stop (2001, demo)
Post Op Freeway (2001)

Read the script for the show...Plus there's more photos

Veronica Klaus
Jessica Xavier & Femme Messiah
Georgie Jessup

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Veronica Klaus - All I Want

Veronica's debut album, "All I Want," from 1997 was nominated for a GLAMA Award for Best Recording by a Female Artist. And her worthy, if belated, followup is this year's "Live at the Lodge."

Veronica Klaus - Live at the Lodge


Veronica Klaus



"glamour shot" of Veronica

Veronica Klaus and Patrick Arena

Veronica Klaus

above center, shot I took at Veronica with Patrick Arena, at the GLAMA Awards in 1999,
and two more pics below, at one of the GLAMA events. Below left she's with Barnes
and Patrick, and on the right she's between Patrick and Andy Monroe (who won
the GLAMA for Debut Artist that year for their album "Nightcap"). Barnes won a
1998 GLAMA for Dance Recording, for "Loud Boy Radio"

   Veronica, Barnes, Patrick  Patrick, Veronica, Andy

Jessica Xavier and Femme Messiah

Jessica Xavier - Changeling

In 1999 Jessica Xavier released what I consider to be a landmark album. "Changeling" was the first recording I know of that really addressed some of the issues around being transgendered from the perspective of someone who has experienced them. In 2005 with her band Femme Messiah she released "Orchids in the Arctic," giving a different voice to additional aspects.

Femme Messiah - Orchids in the Arctic

Femme Messiah  Jessica

From the Gallae Records website, above left, the band Femme Messiah (Jessica Xavier,
David Machen, Angela Moore, and Nancy Watkins); upper right, Jessy at the controls.
Below, a "Changeling" CD release gig. At bottom left, Jessy and Nancy in June of 2005,
and (right) Jessy solo.

Femme Messiah

Jessica   Jessica

Other artists who contributed to the recording of "Orchids in the Arctic" were Melissa Dalby,
Josie Thane, Susan Hollinshead, Lori Buckwalter and Gwyneth Rhian Morgan

Georgie's site banner
Georgie Jessup

from Georgie's bio:

"Georgie Jessup is a three time WAMMIE nominated singer songwriter, a 2004 INDIAN SUMMER MUSIC AWARD’S nominee, and musician of extraordinary passion. S/he has an equally extraordinary ability to encourage audiences to look deeply into their prejudices and other transgressions. Consequently, audiences tend to respond emotionally, if not always lovingly."

and I agree, her passion, whether it be speaking about the trangressions against Native Americans, or transgender issues, comes across soundly with memorable lyrics and music to cut to the chase, and to the heart.

Georgie Jessup - Wintke & Crazy Sacred Dogs          Georgie Jessup - Sweet Grass Smoke


Georgie Jessup - American Holocaust          Georgie Jessup - Woman in a Man's Suit

Georgie's released four albums:  "Wintke & Crazy Sacred Dogs," "Sweet Grass Smoke," "American Holocaust," and now "Woman in a Man's Suit." Below are a couple photosof Georgie from "Urban Productions & The Fresh Fruit Festival presents The Trans Rock Explosion," which was at Bowery Poetry Club, July 16, 2005.

   Georgie in action

And, when Georgie sent me her press kit, she included a paper she wrote on the Wintke Concept, which also casts a fascinating light on transgender and gay issues. She has allowed me to share it with my site visitors, at This Page.

Just for fun...

Transsexual Truck Stop

...Georgie's song inspired me to do a little surgery to this photo I found...:)

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