October 2009
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Since I began QMH in 2000 this is my tenth show entirely devoted to the music of Transgender Artists. And I love doing shows like this, as it not only gives me a chance to share their music, but also to share a bit of their lives and journeys. In 2007 I did a series of four shows in a row, so now I'm going to sort of catch up with music mostly newer than that. And I've got I think some very interesting feature interviews, with Radford Bishop of the queercore band Tough Tough Skin, and with acoustic rock artist Angela Motter.

And, don't miss (almost) my favorite part, where I show photos of the artists and CDs, cause I think our music is a visual AND audio experience...just "click for graphics" in each playlist block

Part 1 -- 57:37
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Part 2-- 59:20
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Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday - Beautiful Freak (2003)
Lisa Jackson comments (2004)
Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday - AOK (2003)
Mark Angelo Cummings - video excerpt (2008)
Mark Angelo Cummings - The Mirror Makes No Sense (2007)
Tim Walker - Klondyke (2000, not trans)
Coyote Grace Interview (2009)
Coyote Grace - Girls Like Me (Summertime) (2009)
Coyote Grace - Picture Frame (2009)
Coyote Grace - Eyes (2009)
Coyote Grace - Daughterson (2009)
Namoli Brennet - Jacob's Angel (2009)
Namoli Brennet comments (2009)
Namoli Brennet - We Belong (2003)

All The Pretty Horses - Falling In Love Again (1998)
Steven Grandell (Venus Demars) Interview (1998)
All The Pretty Horses - Boys/Revolution (2002)
Venus DeMars - Electric Galaxy (2006)
Steven Trask comments (1999)
Hedwig & the Angry Inch - Angry Inch (1999)
Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday - Is She a Girl (2006)
Lisa Jackson comments (2004)
Lisa Jackson - Fabulously Done (2003)
Katastrophe - Big Deal (2008)
Red Durkin - Straighttohell (2008)
Alex Davis - If Only You Were a Boy (2008)
Our Lady J - A Picture of a Man (2009)
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater (1992)
Ceremony (Chaz Bono) - Could've Been Love (1993)
Jennifer Leitham - Something's Coming (2009)
Jennifer Leitham - Ghost (2009)

Part 3 -- 75:13
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Sara Davis Buechner - Gerswhin's Rhapsody in Blue (1993)
Heather Alexander & Alexander James Adams -
The Holly and the Ivy (2007)
Wally Scott Orchestra - Too Little Time (1954)
Angela Morley - Blues for Alexis (2003)
Sunny McHale Skyedancer - It Didn't Take Long (1991)
ZJ Antolak - Gender Confused (2009)
Ian Harvie - comedy routine (2007)
Julia Serano - Vice Versa (2002)
Bitesize - Switch Hitter (1999)
Ryka Aoki De La Cruz - Less Than or Equal to One (2007)
Lilly Rose & the Thorns - Fun (1978)
Jeff Dahl - Transvestites, Transsexuals
and Chicks with Dicks (2005, not trans)
B-Cups - CWD (2007, not trans)
Baby Dee - Dance of Diminishing Possibilities (2008)
Lezlee Ann Rios - Already Missing You (2008)
Jaila Simms - That Bitch Is Hot (2009)
Lisa Jackson - Sober & Insane (2007)
Kestryl Cael Lowery - XY(T) (2009)
Kestryl Cael Lowery - Poison (2009)
Joshua Bastian Cole - I'll Be Different (2009)
Modern Day Pinnochio - Sober-Rated (2009)


And, as there are so many artists on this show, instead of a separate Links section
I'm providing their site links, if known, as links to their names on the playlists.

My Featured Interview Guests: Lisa Jackson, Coyote Grace, Namoli Brennet

         Lisa Jackson, cover girl 

Ingrid & Joe are Coyote Grace    Namoli Brennet

And, I hope you didn't miss Part 1, for September

Christine Jorgensen

Click on the photo to Check out a Special Bonus Feature

This is kind of a time-machine journey, to read a first-person account
from 1963 of a sex change, from "Female Mimics" magazine


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include TG artists on most of my other shows