July 2004
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My Queer Music Heritage show for July features the Outmusic Awards, held in New York City on June 13th, 2004.

And this page also gives about 300 photos taken at the OMA events that weekend.

 On the July edition of AudioFile, carried on This Way Out during the week of July 12th, we did an expanded, 16-minute segment, as a sort of "AudioFile Goes To The Outmusic Awards," including clips from the artist acceptance speeches.

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Girlyman site

Rufus Wainwright site

Pamela Means site

Transcendence Gospel Choir

Jinx Titanic site

Brady Earnhart site

Alix Olson site

Sirius OutQ page

Larry Flick
Special Recognition Award

Click to find my interviews with the following artists:
Jayne County
Maxine Feldman
Catie Curtis
Jim Verraros
Steven Franz

Tom Robinson 45

Playlist: (airdate July 26, 2004)

Girlyman - Postcards From Mexico
New Recording - Duo or Group

Danielle Lo Presti & the Masses -
22 Mountains
New Recording - Band

Rufus Wainwright - Oh, What a World
New Recording - Male

Jim Verraros - Welcome to Hollywood
Debut Recording - Male

Pamela Means - Restless
New Recording - Female

Jen Foster - She
Debut Recording - Female

Transcendence Gospel Choir -
Safe In The Arms of Jesus
New Recording - Chorus or Choir

Marsha Stevens - No Matter What Way
(1997, part)
Special Recognition Award

Maxine Feldman - Angry Atthis
(1971, part)
Special Recognition Award

Jayne County - Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman? (1971, part)
Outmusic Heritage Award

Metropolitan Klezmer - Shiver's Sher
New Recording - Instrumental

Super 8 Cum Shot (Jinx Titanic) -
I Love A Boy
Outstanding Producer

Brady Earnhart - Honey, Don't Think Your Mama Don't Know
Nominated for New Recording - Male

Steven Franz - Double My Wardrobe
Nominated for Debut Recording - Male

Michael Holland - Beatrice's Boyfriend
Outstanding Songwriter

Alix Olson - Beautiful Bones
Outmusician of the Year

Catie Curtis - Honest World
Outsong of the Year

Jayne County site

Jayne County
Outmusic Heritage Award

Interview with Maxine Feldman

Maxine Feldman
Special Recognition Award


site for Danielle LoPresti & the Masses

Jim Verraros site

Jen Foster site

Metropolitan Klezmer site

Michael Holland site

Steven Franz site

Catie Curtis site

Marsha's Balm Ministies

Marsha Stevens
Special Recognition Award

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OMA 2004 Photos

I took Lots of photos at the events surrounding the OMAs, and have uploaded them for your viewing and use. Anyone who wants to use a photo, whether it be for their own website, or for any media, has my permission, though a photo credit would be nice...:)

Remember, I am definitely NOT a professional photographer, but I had the opportunity to take the photos, so grabbed it. I have a good digital camera, but it is not professional equipment...you will see some red-eye here and there, sorry. I have had to size most of the photos down to about a fourth of their original size for these pages, but if anyone has a special need for the original, just email me and I'll do my best to get them to you via email. I've separated them by the event, as given in the links below.

Outmusic Open Mic, at C-Note, June 7th
House Concert at Casa Ed Mannix, June 11th
OMA Nominee Showcase, at Fez, June 12th
Outmusic Awards, Knitting Factory, June 13th
Glad To Be Gay Concert, after the awards