April 2002
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Maxine Feldman passed away on August 18th, 2007.
Please also see my Sept 2007 show for a short tribute.

Also, in 2011 a Tribute CD, "Amazon 35" was released,
Click for my Interview with its producer, Judith Casselberry

Read Obituary in Edge Providence

Robin Tyler Interview
Robin Tyler clip, "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom,"
Maxine Feldman - angry atthis
Maxine Feldman Interview
Maxine Feldman - amazon
Maxine Feldman - closet sale
Maxine Feldman - white mountain mama
   all from LP "Closet Sale," (1979)
Robin Tyler Interview, continued
Boo Price Interview

Yer Girlfriend - angry atthis (1992)
   from CD "L-Word Spoken Here"


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Robin Tyler
Robin Flower

Click to see some historic magazine articles that include Maxine Feldman

Maxine Feldman recorded the first openly lesbian 45, "Angry Atthis," in 1972, which she wrote 3 years earlier.

Robin Tyler produced the record and she and her comedy partner, Patty Harrison, took her on their tour for over a year, doing their warm-up act. Right, that historic first 45, And below, two festival Photos from 1977.
Her song "Amazon" became a proud institution at the Michigan Women's Festival

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Photos & Clippings

Click on my Maxine Tribute Video to see it

Robin Tyler

Robin TylerPatty Harrison & Robin Tyler

Above, Robin Tyler in 1977, and on right, an earlier shot of Harrison and Tyler, the first feminist comedy team.
Below left, Robin Tyler, JD Doyle and Patty Harrison, Aug 2001. At right, Robin and Boo Price, 1977.

Click for extensive article on Robin Tyler

from Body Politic (Toronto), Sept 1979

and more on my own site

Robin Flower & Naomi Littlebear

Robin Flower (above) sang on that historic 45, along with Naomi Littlebear, who is second
from left in the photo below. Naomi is pictured on the back cover of her group Izquierda's
LP "Quiet Thunder," from 1979. On the far right is Kristan Aspen, who went on to form the
group Musica Femina.

Yer Girlfriend

Yer Girlfriend "Not Afraid To Love," 1995

The group Yer Girlfriend was comprised of Carol Kraemer, Laura Shine, Kathy Weisbach, Patty O. Veranda, & Phyllis Free. They released three fine CDs from 1989 through 1995, and their 1992 "L-Word Spoken Here" CD included a tribute to Maxine Feldman, by doing her song "Angry Atthis"

This Way Out As I also contribute programming to This Way Out, in order to give more exposure to Maxine's contributions I submitted a segment, culled from the interview, which they aired on 200+ stations around the world on December 9, 2002.
Click to hear that segment