May 2004
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3/7/04, photo by JD Doyle

Janis at the folk venue McGonigel's Mucky Duck, in Houston, 3/7/04

Playlist (airdate 5/24/04)

Janis Ian - Rate My Music ('01)
Janis Ian Interview
Janis Ian - Billie's Bones (2004)
Janis Ian - Matthew (2004)
Janis Ian - Maria (1977)
Janis Ian - At Seventeen (1975)
John Calvi Interview
Suede/Bill McKinley/Meg Christian -
The Ones Who Aren't Here
Steven Franz Interview
Steven Franz - Seven Years
Steven Franz - Double My Wardrobe
Steven Franz - Inside My Head (all 2003)

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3/7/04, photo by JD Doyle

Janis said the audience could take photos during her uptempo numbers, of which there was one...:)

Billie's Bones

Left, "Billie's Bones," Janis' 18th studio album, released February 2004. At right is the double-CD live album, from 2003, culled from concert performances from 1990 to 2003. Below, her logo

Working Without a Net

Between the Lines   Miracle Row   Unreleased 2: Take No Prisoners   Unreleased 3: Society's Child

In addition to featuring music from Janis' new CD, "Billie's Bones," for this show I also used "At Seventeen" from "Between the Lines," (1975); "Maria," from "Miracle Row" (1977); a live concert quote from "Unreleased 2: Take No Prisoners" (2000); and "Rate My Music," from "Unreleased 3: Society's Child" (2001).

     Spotlight on the song "The Ones Who Aren't Here," by John Calvi      
In 1982 John Calvi wrote the beautiful anthem "The Ones Who Aren't Here," which when shared is, in a way, a gift from those of us who are out of the closet to those who have not yet made that journey. I am pleased on this show to share with you the story of that song.

John Calvi   John & Marshall

Above left & below, John Calvi; above right, John with his lover, Marshall Brewer (1988)

John Calvi


Artist Links:

Janis Ian
John Calvi
Bill McKinley
Steven Franz


The Ones Who Aren't Here
music and lyrics
copyrighted by John Calvi
PO Box 301, Putney VT 05346

I thinking about
the ones who aren't here
and won't be coming in late,
home all alone
and the family
and won't be coming out tonight.

Wish I could know
all the lovers and friends
kept from gathering.
I think of you now,
the ways you can go,
we're all of us refugees

Telling myself
and the family,
my friends and the folks on the job,
one by one
and it's never been easy
and me and everyone changed.

The hugs and the tears
when they show you their hearts
and some never speak again.
Every pot off the wheel
can't bear the kiln,
every love can't bear the pain.

So let's pass a kiss
and a happy sad tear
and a hug the whole circle round
for the ones who aren't here
for the hate and the fear
for laughter, for struggle, for life.

Let's have a song here
for me and for you
and the love that we cannot hide.
And let's have a song
for the ones who aren't here
and won't be coming out tonight

Suede - Easily Suede     Bill McKinley - Everything Possible     sadly, Meg has no website for me to link you to...
Listen to Suede   Listen to Bill McKinley   Listen to Meg Christian
Click on each artist's photo at the left to stream the complete song

Suede - Easily Suede (ES CD 1001-2, 1988)
Bill McKinley - Everything Possible (EPCD 992, 2000)
Meg Christian - Meg/Cris At Carnegie Hall (Olivia LP 933, 1983)

Steven Franz's first solo album, "The One You Choose", is a collection of original songs dealing with self awareness, relationships, and doubling one's wardrobe.

Steven Franz - The One You Choose

Steven's CD was also featured on Audiofile in September of 2003, and was one of the albums chosen for the December show as among the Best of the Year

Steven Franz, photo by Wendy Rosen   Steven Franz, photo by Wendy Rosen

Steven Franz, doubling his wardrobe? Steven Franz

Steven Franz

My review of Steven's CD: "This is not just some nice pleasing folk/rock CD, it has Layers of excellence. To think this is his debut CD is just amazing."

As part of my special interview with Steven for this show, he indulged me with recording part of the original third verse of "Double My Wardrobe," the part that's, er, not exactly FCC can only hear it as part of this show, or by just clicking here.

added October 2004:

And, another great early pic of Meg Christian...

Meg, in concert