March & April 2000
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Lynn Thomas CD "Courage"   Lynn Thomas cassette   Chandler & Ripley

Note: For the first six months of my show, the time slot was for 30 minutes, with the shows
averaging about 26 minutes each. The producer of Queer Voices, Jack Valinski, graciously increased my show to an hour starting in July 2000.

March 27, 2000 Show
Lynn Thomas - dykes (1992)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - d-y-k-e (1993)
Hugh Blumenfeld - tinky winky (2000)
Spotlight Artist-Rae Bourbon
Rae Bourbon - I must have a greek
Durium Dance Band - let's all be fairies (1933)
Tom Wilson - second runner-up (1979)
Steven Grossman - out (1974)
Perry Como - keep it gay (1953)

April 24, 2000 Show
Cowboy Jack Derrick - truck drivin' man (1946)
Patrick Haggerty - back in the closet again (1973)
Doug Stevens/Outband - hang your
   clothes in the closet (1995)
Sid Spencer - all I can handle (1995)
Melinda - lez-be-friends (1994)
Rude Girls - the girl in the red velvet dress (1987)
Mark Weigle - two cowboy waltz (1998)

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Steven Grossman's LP "Caravan Tonight"

For more information on
Steven Grossman, click here.

Tom Wilson

Perry Como 45

Spotlight Artist: Rae Bourbon  

Rae Bourbon collage

April Show

C&W Special

Cowboy Jack Derrick  Patrick Haggerty  Mark Weigle, 2002

Doug Stevens-"When Love Is Right"  Doug Stevens   "Lavender Country"  

Doug Stevens & Patrick Haggerty    Patrick, JD, Doug, May 2000   

Patrick Haggerty had the first openly gay country album, "Lavender Country," 1973;
Above left, with Doug Stevens; center, Patrick, JD, Doug

   AIDS Quilt for Sid Spencer   

Above center, Sid Spencer's AIDS quilt
Dec 30, 1967--July 17, 1996

Mark Weigle   Mark Weigle's 1st CD "The Truth Is"   Rude Girls LP