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Steven Grossman's album "Caravan Tonight" (Mercury 702, 1974) is
a landmark recording in gay history, as it was the first released on
a major label by an openly gay artist to address gay life.

I have featured Steven's music on my shows for Nov 2001, Feb 2002,
and a special 2 1/2-hour tribute show forJune 2011

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James Gavin Essay on Steven

Steven Grossman Video, 1990

Steven Grossman Video, 1975



[ September 1, 1951 -- June 23, 1991 ]


Track Listing - Click to Download

1 Caravan Tonight    3:34
2 Out    3:27
3 Five O'Clock Song    2:27
4 Christopher's Blues    4:08
5 Song for Bonnie    3:33
6 Song to That M&M Man    5:37
7 You Don't Have to Be Ashamed    3:48
8 Many Kinds of Love    3:52
9 Can't...Papa Blues    3:32
10 Circle Nine Times    3:22
11 Dry Dock Dreaming    6:08

Since I put up this tribute section I've gotten SO many requests for information
on where to obtain the album....I recommend eBay and gemm.com for that.
And, no, I've no 'right' to make the downloads available, but I doubt
the powers to be at whoever has control of the actual rights, in some
conglomerate, will ever release the album on CD. So.....

Mercury Records thought enough of this release to issue
it as a "gatefold" album, with the lyrics inside

and, I've got a test pressing of the album...it has a blank label and this sheet attached:

yes, there was a 45 rpm record released from the LP...

and, would you believe....the album also came out as an 8-Track tape!

Recent Recordings

About six weeks before Steven Grossman died, he recorded a number of tracks which
for the most part remained unreleased (until this year, 2011). One of them had been
remastered and surfaced on the Various Artists CD "Fruit Cocktail," in 1998.
"Buena Vista" was the name of that track. It was produced by Streeter Music,
and can be found on sites like Amazon.com.

   In 2002 Mark Weigle paid tribute to Steven by recording a "duet" with
him on the song "Out," and it's a very striking version. It appeared on
Mark's "Out of the Loop" album. Find Mark's many fine CDs also on Amazon.com.

      A bit of trivia, Twiggy's 1976 self-titled album, also released
on Mercury, contained a cover of the song "Caravan Tonight."
Click to hear it.

Below, Judith Casselberry and Jaque DuPree were very close friends
of Steven's and in 1994 included one of his songs on their album
"Hot Corn in the Fire," the song "The Last Pioneers."

The New CD, June 2011
"Something in the Moonlight"

Please visit my special radio show for June 2011,
a 2 1/2-hour tribute to the new CD and Steven
and including very rare live material

Below, photos from CD liner

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