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candid shots
June 8- 11

Nominee Showcase , Rockwood Music Hall,
June 9th

Hosted by Zrazy

Performers:  Zrazy, Brian Lane Green, Melissa Fogarty,
David Del Tredici, Athena Reich, Jeff Straker, Rachael Sage,
Professor & Maryann, Lee Lessack, Steven Schwartz

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Zrazy's Maria Walsh

Zrazy's Carole Nelson

Carole   Maria

Brian Lane Green

Brian Lane Green   Brian Lane Green

David Del Tredici played...

...while Melissa Fogarty sang

Athena Reich

Jeff Straker

Jeff Straker   Jeff Straker

Carole Nelson & Rachael Sage

Rachael Sage

Danielle, aka "Maryann"   Ken Rockwood, owner of The Rockwood, aka "The Professor"

Lee Lessack


Lee Lessack & Brian Lane Green

Stephen Schwartz

Lee Lessack & Stephen Schwartz

Candid Crowd Shots...

Can you spot Gordon, Kris, Eve, Michael,Dan, Ed, and Brian?

JD & Jeff Straker    

 Robert Leuze, Ben Schaefer, Brian Lane Green, Lee Lessack   Brian Lane Green & JD

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