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candid shots
June 8- 11

Nominee Showcase, Crash Mansion, June 10th

Co-hosted by Pamela Smith & Jeremy Hovies

Performers: Rubberlegs, Athens Boys Choir, Jess Yoakum, Alix Dobkin,
Marisa Anderson, Lucas Mire, Ashleigh Flynn, Three Dollar Bill, Sandy Rapp, Freddy Freeman, Zrazy, Cheryl Hill, Nedra Johnson, and Robert Urban

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Jeremy Hovies of Sirius OutQ   Pamela Smith

Rubberlegs:  Gordon Smith, Anthony Maulella, Thomas "Bunny Lake" Rolanti

Gordon Smith   

Athens Boys Choir (Katz)

Jess Yoakum

Jess Yoakum, backstage   Head Lesbian Alix Dobkin

Alix Dobkin

Marisa Anderson

Marisa Anderson   Lucas Mire

Lucas Mire, backstage

Cazwell, red-eye and all

Ashley Flynn

Ashley Flynn

Three Dollar Bill: Chris Piss  Three Dollar Bill: Jane Danger  Three Dollar Bill: G-Rex

Three Dollar Bill

Sandy Rapp

Three Dollar Bill joined Sandy Rapp for "Everyone Was At Stonewall"

Freddy Freeman   hey, it's me and Sandy Rapp

Freddy Freeman

Carole Nelson of Zrazy   Maria Walsh of Zrazy

Cheryl Hill

Cheryl Hill   Nedra Johnson

Nedra Johnson

Robert Urban   Robert Urban   Robert Urban

Robert Urban

Candid Crowd Shots...

Terry Christopher and Jay Spears   Nedra Johnson and JD Doyle

Ron Waite and Sandy Rapp   Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Matthew Duffy, Jay Spears, and the Timinator

Jed Ryan   Jeff Straker, good from both sides

Nedra Johnson and Alix Dobkin   Matthew Duffy, Jon Gilbert Levitt and Ron Morris

Ben Schaefer and Darren   Kenny Woods backed up Rober Urban on keyboards

a Ben Schaefer sandwich, with Lucas Mire and Jeff Straker

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Nominee Showcase, Crash Mansion, June 10th
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And, Jed Ryan was nice enough to send me a few of his great shots. These are from the Nominee Showcase, as seen below.

Visit his site at www.JedRyan.com

   Morry Campbell & Kenny Woods   Gordon Smith & The Timinator

Cass Jabara   Lucas Mire

Drew Paralic, Terry Christopher, Morry Campbell, Kenny Woods

Jeremy Hovies   Robert Urban & Matthew Duffy