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June 8- 11

2006 Outmusic Awards, Knitting Factory,
June 11th

Co-hosted by Alix Olson & Ari Gold

Performers:  Darren, Toshi Reagon, Namoli Brennet, Tom Wilson Weinberg,
Triple Creme, Alix Olson, Luke Parkin, Christian Andreason, Kris Landherr,
Billy Porter, Jen Foster and Ari Gold

(some photos have another "behind" them, when you pass your mouse over them)

Ari Gold & Alix Olson   Ari Gold & Alix Olson

   Kathy Reiser of WJFF Radio Catskill

Pamela Smith presented the Outstanding Support Award to Kathy Reiser

Melissa Fogarty received the award for Outstanding Debut Album - Female

Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon   Cazwell received the award for Outstanding Music Video

Namoli Brennet

Outmusic founders Dan Martin & Michael Biello presented the Heritage Award to Tom Wilson Weinberg

Tom Wilson Weinberg

Tom performed, with the help of an impromptu choir:  Jen/Ed, Marissa Anderson, Melissa Fogarty, Brian Lane Green, John White and Lee Lessack...and those damn mics just got in the way of my shots

Triple Creme picked up the award for Outstanding New Recording - Band

nominee Luke Parkin backed up Alix Olson's performance   Jan Tilley accepted for Kevin Cahoon the award for Outstanding Debut Recording - Male

Alix Olson

David Del Tredici received the award for Outstanding New Recording - Instrumental

Christian Andreason

Outstanding Producer recipient Thomas C. Moore

Kris Landherr, backed up by Corinne Curcio and Clover Honey

Outmusician of the Year, Robert Urban

Susan Blackwell and Deepa Soul accepted a Special Recognition Award for Junior Vasquez, a no-show

Billy Porter

Jen Foster, and underneath, with Stephanie Callahan, formerly of Halycion

Ari Gold, "Love Will Take Over"

Morry Campbell backed up Ari Gold

Ed Mannix   Ed Mannix, Michael Biello, Dan Martin, with Christian Andreason looking on

Candid Crowd Shots...

Alix Olson, Jen Foster and Stephanie Callahan, before the show

Lee Lessack, Brian Lane Green, Melissa Fogarty, Tom Wilson Weinberg  Jamie, Kevin Hannan, Christian Andreason, Jon Gilbert Leavitt

Spence, Grant King, Jeff Krassner, Jason Stuart  Jeff Krassner, JD

Christian Andreason with Ari Gold & Rich Overton; and with Billy Porter, courtesy of Christian

crowd shot...that's Mama Gold in the yellow...

and, I caught Christian Andreason by surprise by squeezing his tit...:)

I only took a few at the Video Showcase and After Party, both at XES Lounge:

  Curtis Moore & Matthew Brookshire  Jay Freeman & Freddy Freeman

Kris Landherr & Clover Honey

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