July 2000
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First Hour Long Show

Teresa Trull - woman loving woman (1977)
Lavender Blues - lavender blues (1978)
Joan Collins Fan Club-leader of the pack (1988)
Dykeapella - teenaged lesbian (1998)
Destiny - softball on belmont plateau (1992)
John Whitley - special rights (1997)
John Whitley - history remembers (1997)

Spotlight Artist: Noel Coward
Noel Coward - where shall I find him? (1961)
Noel Coward - green carnation (1933)
Tom Robinson - mad about the boy (1979)

Martin Swinger - gay pride fair (1994)
Martin Swinger - man who loves men (1994)
Foremen - I think I'll be a homo (1996)
Rebecca Riots - how I feel (1998)
Jamie Anderson - at karen's house (1993)
Mark Islam - get used to it (1998)
Ma Rainey - prove it on me blues (1928)



Above, the group Destiny. Two of its members,
Mary Jo Paranzino & Mary Abt,
were later in the group The Three Marys, with Flirtations co-founder Jon Arterton

Above, John Whitley's 1997 CD
"History Remembers."

Click for my video tribute to this song



Tom Robinson's wonderful version
of the Noel Coward song
"Mad About the Boy" appeared on
his "Cabaret '79: Glad To Be Gay"
CD, issued in 1982

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Artist Links:

John Whitley
Tom Robinson
Martin Swinger
Rebecca Riots
Jamie Anderson
Mark Islam

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at
Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.


Above, The Foremen, whose comic song "I Think I'll Be A Homo" only appeared on the
benefit various artists CD "Human Rights Campaign"

Above, Rebecca Riots and their 1998 CD "Some Folks." The group, which has now disbanded,
was made up of Eve Decker, Andrea Pritchett, and Lisa Zeiler,
and released five CDs from 1995 to 2004.

"Rebecca Riots" 1995
"Some Folks" 1998
"Live at The Freight & Salvage" 1998
"Gardener" 2000
"Just As Sure" 2004

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Above left, Jamie Anderson on the cover of a 1994 Hotwire,
and above right, the 1993 album she produced, "A Family of Friends,"
the only place to find her song "At Karen's House"


Mark Islam, and his
1998 CD "The Recent Past,"
which gave us the anthem
"Get Used To It,"

Ma Rainey


More Teresa Trull