February 2015
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"Songs I've Been Meaning To Play"...I've not done one of these shows
in a while, but if you're counting this is #12, and it's all over the map,
including in Part 2 a very rare cassette tape concert.


Part 1 - 61:37
Teddy Boys - He Only Goes Out With Boy (1980)
Pete & Vinnie - She's the Girl Who Stole My Baby (1963)
La Prohibida - My Johnny Doesn't Come Around (2001)
Neil Sedaka - Where the Boys Are (~1978)
Three Flames - I'm In Love With You (1957)
Yellowjackets - You Belong With Me (2010)
Casse Culver - What We Gonna Do (About Anita) (1978)
Casse Culver - Queen of the Nite (1978)
Alix Dobkin - Big Girls (1986)
Charlie Murphy & Chris Tanner - When the Freedom Comes (1979)
John Outlaw Project - At the Drugstore (1990)
Little Axe & the Golden Echoes - So Soon (1964) Wilmer Broadnax
Gayco - Gospel (2005)
Lily Tomlin - Interview (1972)
Lea DeLaria - Hot Patootie (2000)

Part 2 - 56:41
Faggot Brothers of the Moon

Chris Tanner & Charlie Murphy Interview & Concert, 6/15/79
Interview by Steve O'Neil
Stand Up (Chris)
When Love Light Gets in Your Eyes / 60's Medley (Chris)
When the Freedom Comes (Charlie)    about Harvey Milk !
Double Love (Charlie)
Oh Mother Ocean (Charlie)
Gay Spirit (Charlie, backups by Chris)
The Sensitive Little Boy (Chris)
Faggot Brothers of the Moon (Charlie)
Sing Out (Chris)
Strength in These Hands (Chris & Charlie)

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below, from their tour

Also see my September 2008 show
on the LP "Walls to Roses"

Late Additions!

Aggie Dukes

See this page...

May 2019: too late for a radio show, but I just became aware of lesbian singer
Aggie Dukes, who had three rockin' singles on the Aladdin
label in 1957, so I did my research and am sharing all I found.

Henry "Rubberlegs" Williams

Blues Singer / Dancer

See this page...

June 2019: again, too late for a radio show, but I recently became aware of
obscure blues shouter and openly homosexual Rubberlegs Williams.
I have to add a section of my site so he can be found in a queer space.