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I can hardly believe it, my 15th anniversary doing Queer Music Heritage. And to celebrate I thought y'all might be interested in what my personal favorites are...42 songs by 37 artists, spanning 85 years...a very subjective list.
"Songs I've Been Meaning To Play"...I've not done one of these shows in a while, but if you're counting this is #12, and it's all over the map, including in Part 2 a very rare cassette tape concert.
Camp Music. No, this is not music from Boy Scout camp, or summer camp...it's inspired by all the flamboyant artists of the past that I love, those nelly, effeminate ones, who flaunted their gayness to the unsuspecting world. And I put my gay sensibility to good use, and put together an over four-hour collection, going back to the 1920s. The last QMH show.