March 2015
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The Last QMH Show
see note below

No, this is not music from Boy Scout camp, or summer's inspired by all
the flamboyant artists of the past that I love, those nelly, effeminate ones, who
flaunted their gayness to the unsuspecting world. And I put my gay sensibility to
good use, and put together an over four-hour collection, going back to the 1920s.

For the first main definition of camp, you might refer to Susan Sontag's 'Notes on Camp,"
from 1964. Also worth reading is the further discussion on Camp at this link, and
these comments, and the Wiki entry.


Part 1 - 61:45
Freeway Dreams cast - The Bette Davis Chorus (1997)
The Stops - But Ya Are, Blanche (2003)
Douglas Byng & Lance Lister - Cabaret Boys (1928)
Earl Gresh & the Gangplank Orch - Help (1925)
Durium Dance Band - Let's All Be Fairies (1933)
Call Her Savage clip - Working as Chambermaids (1932)
John Ryan - I Wish I Were a Fairy (1940)
Camp Records - I'd Rather Swish Than Fight (60s)
Camp Records - Homer the Happy Little Homo (60s)
Camp Records - Weekend of a Hairdresser (60s)
Teddy & Darrel - Strangers in the Night (1966)
The Beejays - My Boyfriend's Back (1980)
Julian Clary - My Guy (1993)
Julian Clary (Joan Collins Fan Club) - Leader of the Pack (1988)
The Roadies - Packer of the Leads (1977)
Matt Lucas - I'm Gay (2007)
Dos Falopia - A Camp Song (1992)
Rhythm Method - I Met Her on a Sunday (1994)
Ethel Merman - There's No Business Like Show Business (Disco, 1979)
The Flirtations - Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun (1992)
Michael Callen - Where the Boys Are (1989)

Part 2 - 66:50
Sam Lanin's Famous Players - The Man I Love (1927)
Jean Malin - That's What's the Matter With Me (1931)
Jean Malin - I'd Rather Be Spanish Than Manish (1931)
Noel Coward - Green Carnation (1933)
Edward Earle & the Satisfactions -Green Carnation (1967)
Alex Harding - There's Nothing Like a Fairy to Make
      Sure the Party's Gay (1996)
Unknown singer - Mad About the Boy (year unknown)
Beatrice Lillie - There Are Fairies in the Bottom of My Garden (1934)
Ray Bourbon - I Must Have a Greek
Ray Bourbon - Queen of the Navy
Ray Bourbon - Let Me Tell You About My Operation
Butch Brothers - Kay, Why / I'm Not Camping Out This Winter (1967)
Tornados - Do You Come Here Often (1966)
4 Poofs & A Piano - My Enormous Penis (2003)
4 Poofs & A Piano - Camp Up Your Christmas (2003)
Little Pink Pill (80's) / Chesterfields (50's) / Lux Radio Ad (50's)
Drag Detergent (1970) / Rock's Gang - Faggo Root Beer (1973)
Die, Mommie, Die (2003)
Firesign Theatre - Station Break (1969)
Charles Nelson Reilly - Bic Banana Ink Crayons TV commercial (1973)
Hollywood Squares zingers (1975)
Queer Duck Theme (2000)
Fred Barton - Pour Me a Man (1984)
Cheech & Chong - Buggery on the High Seas (1973)
Martin Mull - Men (1977)

Part 3 - 66:35
Perry Como - Keep It Gay (1953)
Whoop De Do - It's Tough To Be a Fairy (1995)
Jack Boner - Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty (2013)
Patty Bruce - Is It So? (2013)
Saul T Peter - Queen of Fire Island (1960)
Hudson & Landry - Bruiser Larue (1971)
Burt Topper - The Gay Teenager (1967)
John Inman - Are You Being Served (1975)
Monty Python - Camp It Up sketch / Lumberjack Song (1975)
Nathan Lane - If I Were King of the Forest (1995)
Rocky Over the Rainbow - Science Fiction Double Feature (2002)
Rocky Horror Picture Show radio ad (1975)
Steve Roland - Captain of the Pinafores (1961)
Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You (1966)
Scott Thompson - Gay Bar Monologue (1993)
Ruth Wallis - Dear Liberace (1953)
Liberace - Hey, Liberace (1955)
Ruth Wallis - Queer Things Are Happening (1948)
Nan Blakstone - He Should Have Been a Wac (1949)
Billy Devroe - Queer Policeman (~1957)
Rip Taylor - How Does It Feel (1964)
Topping & Butch - Fag Hag (2005)
Tomboy - OK2BGAY (2006)

Part 4 - 63:05
Kinsey Sicks - Gay Straight or Bi / I Will Swallow Him (1999)
In & Out - Getting a Grip (1997)
Simpsons Gay Mix (2005)
Hugh Masher - Operation Decoy (1962)
Seaweeds - You Swam Away With My Heart (1975)
Bette Davis & Debbie Burton - What Every Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
Jose Sarria - A Good Man Is Hard to Find (1960)

Gay Liberation Follies (Special Segment, 35 minutes, 1974)

Andrews Sisters - Three Caballeros (1944)
Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit (1978)

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Also see my page on Camp Records




The Last QMH Show

I have an announcement that will likely surprise most of my listeners. Last January was the
15th anniversary of Queer Music Heritage, and I've much enjoyed sharing and preserving
our music culture, but I've decided that QMH has had a long enough run and that this will
be the last show. And this month is also the last for OutRadio.

I want to devote more energy to my history websites, like and, and my digitizing project for early Houston publications, so it will
be nice not to have the deadlines from QMH and OutRadio pressing me. But don't worry,
the Queer Music Heritage website is not going away. It will stay as a history resource, and
it archives almost 580 hours of programming to amuse you. You'd have to listen around the
clock for 24 days to hear it all.

I would have Loved to have shopped at this store in 1971 (ad from Vector Magazine)