Part 2

August 2006

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Songs I've Been Meaning to Play, Part 2

This is a continuation of my June show, only things got more out of hand...this time there are three hours of songs covering many genres, decades, and subjects, including love songs, politics. comedy and spoken word.

Playlist    (radio version airdate August 28, 2006)
Hour 1     62:31
Jeff Krassner - Son of a Preacher Man (1995)
Norma Tanega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog (1966)
Tom Springfield - Charley (1970)
Miracles - Ain't Nobody Straight in L.A. (1975)
Harrison Kennedy - Closet Queen (1972)*
Dynamic Superiors - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (1975) *
Smokey - Miss Ray (1976)*
Smokey - Leather (1976)*
Hudson & Landry - Bruiser LaRue (1971)
Sandy Baron - Do You Take This Man? (1972)
Alan Cumming - Married (2006)
Emma's Revolution - This Love (2004)*
Barry Brandon - Taylor the Latte Boy (2006)
Pat Parker - For Straight Folks (1977)
Jen/Ed - One-Breasted President (2005)
Athens Boys Choir - Homeland Insecurity (2005)*
Self-Righteous Brothers - The Only Gay Soldier (2004)*
Eton Crop - Gay Boys on the Battlefield (1984)*

Hour 2    64:13
Julie Gold - Number Two (2005)*
Pat Garrett - By George, I'm Glad I Ain't Boy George (1984)*
Boy George & Miss Guy - Pretty Boys (2004)*
Daniel Cartier - Pretty Boy (2005)*
Age of Consent - History Rap (1982)*
Sandy Rapp - Everyone Was At Stonewall (2005)*
Frances Faye - The Man I Love (clip, early 50's)*
Frances Faye - Drunk With Love (1953)*
Alix Korey - Old Fashioned Love Story (2000)
David Lasley - Joey, I Believe In Our Love (2001)*
Arnold McCuller -Goin' All Out of My Way (1999)*
David McAlmont - Saving All My Love For You (2005)
N Sync - Bye Bye Bye (part, 2000)
Darren Hayes - So Beautiful (2005)* 
The Czars - Where the Boys Are (2006)*
Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul - Never Be Straight (1998)*
Lenny Anderson - The Ballad of Dan White (1979)*
The Mondellos - White Night Riot (1979)*

Hour 3     62:37
Zoe Lewis - Harvey (1998)*
Mara Levi - The Homo Song (2005)*
The Other Side - Here to Stay (1994)*
Mavis's - Do You Have a Brother? (1996)
Eric Schwartz - Interview Comments*
Eric Schwartz - Hattie & Mattie (1999)*
Eric Schwartz - Charliesomething (2000)*
Jess Hawk-Oakenstar - Dear Gertrude Stein (1995)*
Gertrude Stein - Valentine for Sherwood Anderson (1934, excerpt)*
Alice B. Toklas - On First Meeting With Gertrude Stein (1934, excerpt)*
Pat Carroll - clip from Act I (1980)*
Alex Harding - Perfect Stranger (1996)
Alex Harding - There's Nothing Like a Fairy to Make Sure the Party's Gay (1996)
Hank Baron - Standing Before the Judge (1982)*
Hank Baron - You Want Me (2005)*
Dos Falopia - A Camp Song (1992)
Seaman & Queerfunkle - Heteros Who Like Rainbows (2005)*
Manuel Sanchez - Oh Happy Gay (1998)*

Tomboy - OK2BGAY (2006)*

Jeff Krassner - The Powers That Be (1995)

* = internet show only

Jeff Krassner promo CS

Jeff Krassner starts and ends my three-hour excursion. Above is a rare pre-release demo tape that contained 6 of the songs that would be included on his wonderful 1995 album, "Strong For You."

Jeff Krassner 1995 CD

Norma Tanega had a hit in 1966 with the quirky "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog." It was a bigger hit in the UK, so she moved there for several years, during which time she had a relationship with Dusty Springfield.

Norma Tanega CD reissue of her LP

Only have time for the 58 minute "radio version"? Click to download

Tom Springfield 45

The flip side of this 1970 single was "Morning Please Don't Come," a duet with Dusty.

Tom SpringfieldTom Springfield LP

It's hard to find good photos of Tom Springfield, and he should get more credit than just being Dusty's brother. He was a fine writer and producer, having much success with the Seekers. His 1968 album, shown above, interestingly enough contained a duet with Dusty, and a cover of Norma Tanega's hit song.

Miracles LP  Harrison Kennedy LP

On their 1975 album "City of Angels," the Miracles included the unexpected song, "Ain't Nobody Straight in L.A." And as my personal copy of Harrison Kennedy's rare album "Hypnotic Music" has magic marker scribbling all over it, I'm resorting to using this net image. His song "Closet Queen" came from this album.

Both songs, and many more obscurities can be found on this amazing new CD compilation just released out of Germany, called "Queer Noises 1961 - 1978: From the Closets to the Charts." Many of these gems have been featured on my past QMH shows. Pass your cursor over the cover to see the back, and track list.

Queer Noises

Visit the label for more about this release

two LPs by The Dynamic Superiors 

Tony Washington was the very gay lead singer of the Motown group The Dynamic Superiors, who had several albums during the '70's. Click to find out much more about them.

Smokey 45 


The mysterious Smokey had at least three 45's in the mid-70s. The above ad was from the music magazine "Who Put The Bomp," (Winter, 1976) and even from my closet my gaydar went off. Click to see his other 45s.

Hudson & Landry  "God Save the Queens" EP  Sandy Baron

Some early gay comedy...the team Hudson & Landry created the character Bruiser La Rue, as the mincing football hero, whose interview is oh so gay. Bruiser first appeared on their 1971 album "Losing Their Heads," and showed up a couple more times on later albums, with "Bruiser La Rue Meets Count Dracula" and "Bruiser La Rue & The Manhattan Serenades." Center stage was Sandy Baron and a Very gay comedy album, which was released on a major label (A&M) in 1972, along with lots of advertising. It had an EP release of four of the tracks. Sandy Baron was not gay, but he sure had a gay sense of humor. Click for more on this release.

"Wed-Rock: A Benefit for Freedom to Marry"  Alan Cumming  Alan Cumming

Of course I picked the sexiest photos I could find of Alan Cumming. His very interesting version of "Married," from "Cabaret" came from the benefit CD "Wed-Rock" (2006). The photos were in connection with his cologne ads.

Emma's Revolution - One   Emma's Revolution are Pat Humprhies & Sandy O

Above, the talented Pat Humphries joined with her partner Sandy O to form the
duo Emma's Revolution, and in 2004 released their album "One," from which I got
the wonderful song, "This Love"

And, the brand new CD by Atlanta artist Barry Brandon
gave us the delightful "Taylor the Latte Boy."

  "The Musical Theatre Album" by Barry Brandon  Barry Brandon

The poetry of Pat Parker (1944 - 1989) can be found, with that of Judy Grahn, on an Olivia Records album from 1977, and the track I featured was also on the compilation "Lesbian Concentrate." Jumping almost 30 years to Jen/Ed, and her debut album, "Exposed," (2005). I got to watch her riveting performance at a house concert and captured her (okay, with a dash of red-eye). That was in conjuction with the Outmusic Awards last June. At another event I saw Katz, of the Athens Boys Choir, and her spoken word work. Both albums contain many tracks not ready for radio.

Olivia album, 1977  Pat Parker  Jen/Ed CD "Exposed"

Jen/Ed, June 2006  

  Katz, June 2006  Katz promo pic  Athens Boys Choir's second CD "Rose Cuts the Cake"

Self-Righteous Brothers      the band Eton Crop, 1986 and 1992

  Above, two gay miliary songs. Australian duo The Self-Righteous Brothers are probably straight and the cover of their 2004 CD "Love Songs for the Wrong at Heart" mimics that of one by the Righteous Brothers, from the 60s. Their song "The Only Gay Soldier (In Iraq)" explicitly and with humor covers that subject. More seriously, the Dutch band Eton Crop gave their take on gays in war in "Gay Boys on the Battlefield," in 1984. The cover of their 12" single comes from a 3rd Century statue in Venice.

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