July 2006
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Visit the Outmusic site

My Queer Music Heritage show for July features the Outmusic Awards,
held in New York City on June 11th, 2006.

And this page also gives you access to hear the awards event itself, and the AudioFile news story on it. And you can also find over 260 photos taken at the OMA events that week.

And, see my Awards Page for a complete list of winners & nominees for 2006 and past years

Also, for just the 2006 nominees, with pics of all the albums, Click Here

Playlist      (airdate July 24, 2006)
Kevin Cahoon, on Doll (2006)
Kevin Cahoon - Doll (2005)
Melissa Fogarty - Si Si Del Gran Tiranno (2005)
Mark Weigle - And I Love Horses (2005)
Nedra Johnson - Anyway You Need Her (2005)
Marsha Stevens-Pino - You Called Us Good (2005)
Cazwell - Do You Wanna Break Up (2005)
Triple Crème - Brooklyn (2005)
David Del Tredici - Paul Revere's Ride - The Call (2005)
Thomas C. Moore - Mozart (2005)
SF Gay Men's Chorus - Coming Out On Christmas (2005)
Tom Wilson Weinberg - My Leviticus (1979)
Alix Olson - Independence Mean (2006, live)
Ari Gold - on K. Aviance, and Love Will Take Over (2006)
Wishing Chair - Outlaw Wedding (2005)

Levi Kreis - Man Outta Me (2005)

Brian Lane Green - Dad and Me (2005)

Billy Porter - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (2005)
Darren - Out of the Rain (2005)

Candye Kane - What Happened to the Girl (2005)
Girlyman - Young James Dean (2005)
Toshi Reagon - Didn't I Tell Ya (2005)
Freddy Freeman - Outmusic (2006)

Robert Urban - Don't Ask Don't Tell (2003)
Jen Foster, on The Underdogs (2006)
Jen Foster - The Underdogs (2005)

Please visit the Outmusic web site for more information about that organization and the Outmusic Awards

Read the script...

On the July edition of AudioFile, carried on This Way Out, we did an expanded, 16-minute segment, as a sort of "AudioFile Goes To The Outmusic Awards," including clips from the artist acceptance speeches.

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The Recipients:                                                                            (click on an album to link to the artist's site)

Kevin Cahoon - Outstanding Debut Artist, MaleMelissa Fogarty - Outstanding Debut Artist, FemaleMark Weigle - Outstanding New Recording, MaleNedra Johnson - Outstanding New Recording, Female

Marsha Stevens-Pino - Inspirational RecordingCazwell - Outstanding Video (by Lucas Hauser)Triple Creme - Outstanding New Recording BandDavid Del Tredici - Outstanding Instrumental Recording

Thomas C Moore - Producer, for Mozart Flute Concertos & Symphony #41, by Martin Pearlman and Boston Baroque; Chausson: Le Roi Arthus, by Leon Botstein & BBC Symphony Orchestra; and 4 + Four, David Balakrishnan - Mara's Garden of False Delights, by Turtle Island String Quartet and Ying QuartetSan Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Outstanding Chorus or ChoirGirlyman - Outstanding New Recording, Duo or GroupToshi Reagon - Outstanding Songwriter

Robert Urban, Outmusician of the Year Candye Kane - Outstanding CD Graphic Design (done by Scrojo), shown larger to better see it Jen Foster - Out Song of the Year - The Underdogs

The Honorees:                                                                                            Click for more info on the honorees
Pamela Smith (left) and Kathy Reiser  Junior Vasquez

Far left, Pamela Smith, winner of the Outstanding Support Award for 2005 passes that torch to Kathy Reiser, host and producer of Out Loud and Queer, on WJFF, Radio Catskill, in Jeffersonville, NY.

And Junior Vasquez, a no-show at the event, was honored for his expertize as a DJ, remixer and producer of both famous and new dance music artists. Kevin Aviance, who was gay-bashed two days prior, and in the hospital, was to present the award to Junior.

Outmusic Heritage Award:

Tom, playing the piano for a rare singing appearnce of his partner, John, 1979, photo by JD DoyleTom's first two albumsTWW, 2006, at the OMAs

Tom Wilson Weinberg
I've featured interviews with Tom on my QMH shows for April 2001 and Sept 2003...check out his many contributions to our queer musical culture

"Hit Parade Extras"
This is my annual tribute show to the winners of the Outmusic Awards, and I always like to set aside a little time to play some music by artists who were nominated but did not win. I'm going to use a producer's prerogative in playing them, because I think they are artists you should really get to hear.
Wishing Chair - nominated for Duo and Out Song of the YearLevi Kreis, nominated for New Recording Male, Songwriter and Out Song of the YearBrian Lane Green, nominated for Out Song of the YearBilly Porter, nominated for Outstanding Recording MaleDarren, nominated for Debut Male Recording
Freddy singing "Outmusic"Freddy's forthcoming CD "Break the Silence"

Special Treat:

At one of the artist showcases held as part of the Outmusic Awards one of my very talented friends (and nominee for Outmusician of the Year), Freddy Freeman, sang a new song that he wrote as a tribute to Outmusic. I loved it, and cajoled, pleaded and begged him to do a recording of it, so I could share it on this show. Good guy that he is, he got it to me in time and I'm pleased to premier his song, "Outmusic."

Click for the Lyrics


Co-Hosts of the 2006 Outmusic Awards: Alix Olson and Ari Gold

OMA 2006 Photos

I took Lots of photos (over 500) at the events surrounding the OMAs, and have uploaded around 260 of them for your viewing and use. Anyone who wants to use a photo, whether it be for their own website, or for any media, has my permission, though a photo credit would be nice...:)

Remember, I am definitely NOT a professional photographer, but I had the opportunity to take the photos, so grabbed it. I have a good digital camera, but it is not professional equipment...you will see some red-eye here and there, sorry.
I have had to size most of the photos down for these pages, but if anyone has a special need for the original, just email me and I'll do my best to get them to you via email. I've separated them by the event, as given in the links below.

House Concert, Casa Mannix, June 3rd
Open Mic, Rockwood Music Hall, June 5th
Outmusic House Concert, Casa Mannix, June 8th
Nominee Showcase, Rockwood Music Hall, June 9th
Nominee Showcase, Crash Mansion, June 10th
2006 Outmusic Awards, Knitting Factory, June 11th

The Outmusic Awards Show

Show opening
Performance by Darren

Duo or Group Award (Girlyman)
Outstanding Support Award (Kathy Reiser)
Debut Female Award (Melissa Fogarty)

Performance by Toshi Reagon
Music Video Award (Cazwell)
Chorus or Choir Award (SFGMC)

Performance by Namoli Brennet & Freddy Freeman

Album Design Award (Candye Kane)
Songwriter Award (Toshi Reagon)
Heritage Award (Tom Wilson Weinberg)
Performance by Tom Wilson Weinberg

Performance by Tom Wilson Weinberg
VIP Introductions

Debut Male Award (Kevin Cahoon)
Performance by Triple Creme
Band Award (Triple Creme)

Performance by Alix Olson, with Luke Parkin
Instrumental Award (David Del Tredici)

Performance by Christian Andreason
Inspiration Award (accepted by C. Andreason)

Producer Award (Thomas C Moore)
Performance by Kris Landherr
Outmusician of the Year (Robert Urban)

Special Recognition Award (Junior Vasquez)
Ari Gold remarks on Kevin Aviance bashing
Performance by Billy Porter

Male Recording (Mark Weigle)
Performance by Jen Foster
Female Recording (Nedra Johnson)
Out Song of the Year (Jen Foster)

Performance by Ari Gold
Show closing


Ed Mannix
This month's show is dedicated to Ed Mannix. Ed is the brilliant driving force behind making the Outmusic Awards happen. He willingly exerts time and energy to the awards and the organization to the extent that we cannot even imagine.
Still need more data on the Awards?
Well, check out This Page for a look at the program
for the OMAs, where you'll get more info and find out,
hey, just who were the judges who made these selections.