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(John Condon)
A Music History

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A Discography

Late 1970's

This may have been his first release, no label number, but the matrix # in the dry groove was 440

both circa 1976

  Thanks to site visitor Phil for this next scan. Same songs, modified artwork
and a year given, 1976, but I wonder if it may have been a second
pressing by him of the one above, as it carries the same label number

   And below, another mystery...the same recordings with no label name and different numbers.
For those interested in matrix scratchings on the dry groove, on "Leather" above it only
says "401A" and I would have expected the same below, but it reads " himself,
lost at MGM, NAM, NYH, RENGE KYHO," but that's only on the A-side; must have meant
something to someone...was this a later pressing?

     Below, similar to the first set, tough a pale blue color (thanks, Phil, for these)

   As the 45 below had the same label #, apparently they tried for more attention with a new flip, and blue wax

  Below, the next 45. "DTNA" stood for "Dance the Night Away"

  This one actually gave the year, 1977


From 1980

The ad below was from the music magazine "Who Put The Bomp," (Winter, 1976)

Summer 1976 Press Kit Info
with Much thanks to Joseph, at

and, larger scans to help in reading it...

If you have more info on Smokey, Please let me know.

Below, Smokey (Jon Conlon) recent pic

June 2015, New CD!