Aug 2008
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Part 4 -- 76:03

Catherine D'Amato

Kate Reid - Starving Artist (2006)
Catherine D'Amato - I Love a Woman (1985)
Jean Gauthier - Sweet Lovin' Woman (2008)
Holly Near - Hattie & Mattie (2006)
Janell Rock - Gertrude & Steins (2004)
Katie Reider - I Will Love You (2004)
The New Miss Alice Stone Ladies Society Orchestra -
   White Girls (1976)
Dwayne Britton - Rainbow Connection (2008)
Jeffrey Wilgus - I Don't Get What I Give (2007)
Barry Goold comments (2008)
Barry Goold - Walking and Running (2008)
Chris VonTanner comments (2008)

VonTanner - So Gay (2007)
VonTanner - Shangri Las Girl (2007)
VonTanner - It's My Party (2007)
David Roter - He's a Rabbi (1979)
Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me (2007)
Red Wedding - Chapel of Love / All Dressed Up (1982)
Pansy Division - Twinkie Twinkie Little Star (2008)
Kinsey Sicks (Irwin Keller) comments (2008)
Kinsey Sicks - Send In the Clones (2008)
Kinsey Sicks - Sheepfucking Guy (2008)
Kinsey Sicks - We Arm the World (2008)

Kate Reid is a fresh new artist, from Canada, and I just love how out her lyrics's always fun when an artist's sense of humor comes out in their music.

And, back to 1985 for the Very Out song "I Love a Woman," from Catherine D'Amato's LP "First Loves."


Jean Gauthier's two CDs   Holly Near - Show Up

Above, two albums by Jean Gauthier, and I grabbed "Hattie & Mattie" from Holly Near's "Show Up" CD (2006)

In Memorium -- Janell Rock and Katie Reider

Janell Rock - Quiet Thrill     Katie Reider - I Am Ready & Simplicity

In the last couple months we lost two of our artists to cancer, Janell Rock and Katie Reider.
It happened that I met them both in 2004, Janell at the OUTmusic Awards in NYC, and Katie at
the Houston Women's Festival. And both were vibrant and talented artists, who will be missed.




That's Miriam Cutler on the front right, lead singer of The New Miss Alice Stone Ladies Society Orchestra. They had only two releases, the EP above, in 1976, and two of the songs were later re-released on a 45. Miriam has confirmed to me that some of the members were lesbian, and googling tells me the band was named after a suffragist. These days Miriam has a successful career doing scores for movies, including the new release "Chris & Don: A Love Story."


Dwayne Britton  Jeffrey Wilgus

Barry Goold  Barry Goold

These three artists bring us a nice array of cabaret and pop, all three with debut releases. Dwayne Britton's self-titled CD is from 2008, and Jeffrey Wilgus' "Signature" is from 2007. Barry Goold (pronounced 'Gould') this year released the pop CD "Knockin' On Another Door," and gave me some nice interview comments on the album.


Vontanner are "So Gay"   Michael & Chris Vontanner

Chris Vontanner has had a long career in queer music. As Chris Tanner he was one of the main contributors to the landmark album "Walls to Roses," in 1979, but his music is very different now, with his sense of humor in full view. I mean, who else would call their website domain "Scream Like A Girl"...:)

[ Chris is one of the feature interviews of my September QMH show ]

Below, more Girl Group songs of the 60s (or, in the case of David Roter, a parody of one)...but they keep the pronouns male-to-male. At right is the popular act Grizzly Bear, with out lead singer Ed Droste, singing the Goffin-King song "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)," from their 2007 EP "Friend." That's Droste upper left in the pic.

David Roter  Grizzly Bear, with Ed Droste, upper left

Red Wedding   Pansy Division film poster

Above, early 80's L.A. area punk act Red Wedding's compilation of their work. Members Michael Ely and Spider Taylor are a long-time couple. The pic behind their CD is from 1971. Click to view a 1982 article on them. Here's the blurb from their myspace site:

Controversial. Openly gay. Post-punk. Alternative rock. Art Rock. Avant Garde. L.A. Underground. Over-the-top theatrics. Red Wedding was all of these, like riding on a musical roller coaster. Mixing elements of vintage 1960's psychedelic rock, 1970's glam rock with hints of punk rock and hardcore dance music, this hard-to-pigeonhole band featured the sensual and mesmerizing guitar work of Spider Taylor and the dark and romantic lyrics of Michael Ely (known for his intense stage presence and singing). There never has been a band quite like them before or since.

And it's about time someone did a film about my favorite pop punk act, Pansy Division. It's on the
festival circuit now and I hope soon to DVD. It's called "Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band"

Below, a pic I took of them in 2005 at Houston Gay Pride

Pansy Division

And, finally, after over four hours, I'm getting to my mini-interview with Irwin
(Winnie) of the Kinsey Sicks. After all, who on earth could follow this act!

Kinseys logo

they are so "Sicks Sicks Sicks"

Click for Much More on the Kinseys

And, I did a whole show on Cover Versions of 60's Girl Group Songs, Here