Aug 2008
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Part 1 -- 61:01

Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You (1984)
Randy Jones - Pretty Woman (1982)
Fresh - And the Boys Lazed on the Verandah (1970)
Amy Meyers comments (2008)
Amy Meyers - Girls Like You (2004)
Anna Gutmanis - I am who I am (2007)
Melange Lavonne - Gay Bash (2008)
Melange Lavonne comments (2008)
Melange Lavonne - Marry Me (2008)
Sylvester Medley:
   Dance Disco Heat (1978)
   You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (1979)
   Do You Wanna Funk (1982, with Patrick Cowley)
Sylvester - NAPRA Anti-Drug PSA (1973)
Sylvester - Cabaret (1985)
Adam Joseph - Faggoty Attention (2007)
Frank Grimaldi & Soce - Faggotry Personified (2004) Jimmy Demar - Come Out And Play (2008)
The Prince Myshkins - Let Me Into the Military (2000)
George Daniel Long - What Makes a Man a Man (2008)

Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You

Randy Jones EP  Randy & JD  Randy's new album

Above, the late Dan Hartman, and his hit from 1984, which was also featured in the movie "Streets of Fire." And, how many of you knew Randy Jones had a solo EP in 1982? It featured "Pretty Woman" in English and Spanish. I couldn't resist dragging out that pic of the two of us, that ended up in Out Magazine in September of 2005. And to the right is Randy's latest project, "Ticket To The World."

Fresh - Out of Borstal

Click for More on Fresh

Anna Gutmanis

Above, Canadian artist Anna Gutmanis definitely came out of the closet with her very out release from 2008,
"I Am Who I Am." Her new album should be out soon.

Amy Meyers "Strange & Beautiful"

Amy in Houston, May 2008, photo by JD Doyle

Amy Meyers "Lucky"

The song "Girls Like You" came from the 2004 album by Amy Meyers, "Strange & Beautiful." Her new album is "Lucky" and at rught she's playing at Houston's Mojo Risin', in May of 2008.

Melange Lavonne  "The Movement"  Melange Lavonne

I'm featuring a short interview with the very talented artist, Melange Lavonne.


Sylvester collage

The great Sylvester...above, a collage featuring the DVD from
which I took his song "Cabaret" and the pic with the dog I took
in San Francisco when he was judging a very gay dog show.

"Get Off" 1973

The very rare anti-drug PSA by Sylvester came from the 1973 album "Get Off." Click for more on it.

"Faggoty Attention"  Adam Joseph  "How I Seem To Be"

Above, "Faggoty Attention" (2007) and his debut CD "How I Seem To Be," (2003) by Adam Joseph

Below, Frank Grimaldi's 2006 "Balance" and 1996 debut "Walking Backwards" and a pic of Soce the Elemental Wizard, who helped Frank out on "Faggotry Personified"

"Balance"    "Walking Backwards"

Frank at an Outmusic Open Mic in 2006   Soce TEW

Jimmy Demar   Jimmy Demar

Above, country artist Jimmy Demar, and his CD single "Come Out And Play"

Below, ah, those Prince Myshkins, and "Shiny Round Object" (2000) and "Total Myshkin Awareness" (2004)

The Prince Myshkins   Prince Myshkins CDs

Below, gay dance music great Ian Levine produced a cover version of
Charles Azvanour's "What Makes A Man A Man," featuring UK singer/actor
George Daniel Long. Visit my QMH show for November 2002 to hear the original.


And, there's a very nice video...