Aug 2008
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Part 2 -- 59:34

All of the artists on this segment are from outside the U.S.

Click for more on Le Sorelle Marinetti, from Italy

Le Sorelle Marinetti - Cher Medley (2008)
Kitchens of Distinction - 4 Men (1992)
Jan Rot - Sweet Surrender (1987)
Jan Rot - Just Tell Him Jim Said Hello (1984)
Richenel - My Lover Sleeps (1989)
The Geezer - When a Man Loves a Man (2008
Jacob Diefenbach - Ayran Boy (2006)
John Barrowman - The Wizard and I (2006)
Alan Duke - Love's Right (1976)
Mark Bunyan - Is S/He One? (1982)
Little Britain - I'm Gay (2006)
Lewis Furey - Hustler's Tango (1974)
Marc Almond & Gene Pitney -
   Something's Gotten a Hold of My Heart (1989)
Marc Almond - Backstage (2007)
Soft Cell - Tainted Love (1981)


KOD - The Death of Cool   KOD -- Capsule

Patrick Fitzgerald was the main creative force behind late 80s/early 90s UK band Kitchens of Distinction

Below, from Holland, Jan Rot

Jan Rot

Richenel  Richenel  Richenel

I recently discovered the sultry jazz/dance singer Richenel, who has somewhat of a cult status in Europe



The Geezer -- Patch Work

The Geezer

New artist The Geezer, and his debut CD "Patch Work"


Jacob Diefenbach

two CDs by Aussie Jacob Diefenbach

Aussie Jacob Diefenbach's piano-driven music
may be an acquired taste, but a worthwhile one


John Barrowman on cover of Out    John Barrowman

Alan Duke - Love's Right   Little Brittain (Matt Lucas)

Above...that's all I know about Alan Duke...his very out song from 1976. Note that it's on the Gay Duo label.

And Matt Lucas as Daffvid in Little Brittain is the Very affected "only gay in the village"

Below, here's an early release by UK singer/playwright Mark Bunyan

UK playwright Mark Bunyan

The song "Is S/He One?" is also on the LP "Coming Out - Ready or Not"...Click for more on that historic album.



Lewis Furey         Dave Ball + Marc Almond = Soft Cell

Click for much more on Lewis Furey

Closing Part 2 is Marc Almond...shown above with David Ball as the duo Soft Cell. I took his two
Gene Pitney songs from his "The Stars We Are" CD (1989) and his latest "Stardom Road" (2007)

"The Stars We Are" by Marc Almond  Marc Almond & Gene Pitney  "Stardom Road" by Marc Almond