October 2003
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from 1979 March
Time Magazine cover, Sept 8, 1975

Above, the slogan from the 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, and Sgt Leonard Matlovich, two of the inspirations for the anthem "We Are Everywhere," written by LeRoy Dysart.

Please visit my "March 1979" page for more March photos, and Click for more info on Leonard Matlovich

"We Are Everywhere" LP

[above, pass mouse over LP to see back cover]

LeRoy Dysart, 1982

"Free To Be"

above, 1991 album project with Marsha Stevens

"You Did It Out Of Love" lyrics

Below, LeRoy's song "A New Gay Dawning" was the theme song for the 1982 Christopher Street West (L.A.) Parade & Festival. It was released on a 45, along with the following year's theme, "Sharing the Magic."

Click to hear "A New Gay Dawning"

"A New Gay Dawning"

LeRoy, 2003

LeRoy Dysart

LeRoy Dysart, 1982

  Playlist       (airdate: 10/27/03)
  David Brown - kiss (1996)
  LeRoy Dysart Interview (2003)
  LeRoy Dysart - we are everywhere (1982)
  LeRoy Dysart - we did it out of love (1982)
  Harry Wingfield - i do, i do, i do (1992)
  LeRoy Dysart - i love a man (1982)

  Joe Bracco - friend in my pocket (1992)
  Paul Phillips Interview on Joe Bracco (2003)
  Joe Bracco - coming out (1992)
  Joe Bracco & Debra Ruth - home free at last

  David Brown Interview (2003)
  David Brown - cathy & claire (1996)
  David Brown - mr. right (1996)
  David Brown - johnny shoemaker (1999)
  David Brown - magic (live, 2003)
  David Brown - gym teacher (live, 2003)
  David Brown - every kiss is a revolution (1996)

Link: www.davidbrownmusic.com

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sheet music

Above and left: the song "You Did It Out Of Love" was written by LeRoy Dysart and Harry Wingfield as a salute to the organization PFLAG.

Below, thanks to LeRoy for loaning me Harry Wingfield's tape so that I could share with you "I Do, I Do, I Do"

Harry Wingfield


Click for more on Harry Wingfield, including a print interview from 1984

cassette by Harry Wingfield

from LP

Left, LeRoy in 2003...sure doesn't look like that corn-fed boy from Fulton, Missouri, anymore...

Joe Bracco cassette tape, 1992

Joe Bracco, courtesy of Mildred Bracco

Above & below, these three photos courtesy of Joe's mother, Mildred Bracco. She says the one above was his favorite, taken in a park on West 48th Street, in NYC

Joe Bracco, courtesy of Mildred Bracco   Joe Bracco, courtesy of Mildred Bracco

cassette tape

Click for more info on Joe Bracco:
complete cassette liner notes, lyrics, and a press flyer

And, I could only fit about 7 minutes of my interview with Paul Phillips into this show. There was a lot more that was interesting and honored Joe's memory. (17.5 min)
Click to hear the unedited version.

When Joe Bracco died of AIDS in 1991, at age 30, he fell short of realizing his dream of releasing his album. His good friend Paul Phillips (of Romanovsky & Phillips) used his studio and arranging talents to complete Joe's dream. I am honored to have Paul share his memories of Joe and his music with us. At the left in photo below is Paul, with Ron Romanovsky.

Paul & Ron

Below, I am pleased to have in my collection one of the hand-labeled, home tapes Joe made in 1987

demo tape

demo tape cover



David Brown, May 2003  

Above, candid shot of David when I interviewed him in May of 2003; below, shot with me 

David & JD, May 2003, NYC   

David Brown

David Brown
"Splendid Wings"  "Storm In A Teacup"

Above, "Splendid Wings," (1996) and "Storm In A Teacup," (1999)

demo tape

Above, demo tape of "Embraced by the Mob (The Holy Mob)" handed out to guests at the 2000 GLAMA awards. It's lyrics were quite a bit "edgier" than the version released on his 1999 CD. Left, pic from his website, www.davidbrownmusic.com

Click for selected David Brown lyrics

And, his new 2006 release...