July 2003
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 On the July edition of AudioFile, carried on This Way Out during the week of July 8th, we did an expanded, 16-minute segment, as a sort of "AudioFile Goes To The Outmusic Awards," including clips from the artist acceptance speeches and quotes I was able to
get after the awards from those unable to attend.

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My Queer Music Heritage show for July features the Outmusic Awards, held in New York City on June 1, 2003.

I want to share photos I took at the Awards, and during the week preceding it, at the Outmusic Open Mic for June, and several house concerts held at Casa Mannix. So, please, enjoy that page as well, click here.

Please visit the Outmusic web site for more information about that organization and the Outmusic Awards

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Plus, see photos from the Outmusic Open Mics held in Los Angeles in September.
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The Awards

pre-show: Justin Tranter,
and Lisa Jackson
Performance: Jamie Anderson
Performance: Gina Young
Award: Producer
Performance: Jay Spears
Special Recognition Award
Award: Instrumental Recording
Performance: Allison Tartalia
Award: Chorus or Choir
Performance: Ember Swift

Special Recognition Award
Performance: Reuben
Award: New Recording Male
Performance: Tarey Wolf
Award: Debut Recording Female
Performance: Doria Roberts
Award: New Recording Female
Performance: Dutchboy & Shante Smalls
Heritage Award: Romanovsky & Phillips
Performance: Romanovsky & Phillips

Performance: Justin Tranter
Award: Songwriting
Performance: Josh Zuckerman
Award: Debut Recording Male
Performance: Alix Dobkin
Special Recognition Award
Performance: Super 8 Cum Shot
Award: New Recording, Band/Duo/Group
Performance: Yolanda
Award: Out Song of the Year
Heritage Video

Queer Music Heritage show for July 28, 2003


Justin Tranter

Mary Lofstrom


Allison Tartalia

Vox Femina Los Angeles

Jay Spears


Mark Weigle


  Irina Rivkin - ya eyo lublu
  from demo recording
  Out Song of the Year (tie)

  Justin Tranter - blend in
  from "Scratched"
  Out Song of the Year (tie)

 Mark Weigle - in the last 5 minutes
  from "Out of the Loop"
  Out Song of the Year (tie)
  Outstanding Producer
  Outstanding New Recording, Male

 Mary Lofstrom - your good girl's gonna go bad
  from "Ginger Comes To Stay"
  Outstanding New Recording, Female

  Will Grega - shambhala
  from "Stereotonic"
  Outstanding Instrumental Recording

  Reuben - me&rico
   from "Dusk"
   Outstanding Debut Recording, Male

  JD Rap (yes, it's me singing a rap song,
      you are warned)

  Aaron-Carl - bring it on
   from "Uncloseted"
   nominated for Out Song of the Year

  Jay Spears - i like mike
   from "Boy Howdy"
   nominated for Outstanding New Recording Male

  Wishing Chair - she's everything
  from "Crow"
  Outstanding Band / Duo / Group
  Outstanding Songwriter (Kiya Heartwood)

  Vox Femina Los Angeles - simply love
  from "Simply..."
  Outstanding Recording by Choir or Chorus

  Tarey Wolf - magnificent obsession
  from "Magnificent Obsession"
  Outstanding Debut Recording, Female (tie)

  Allison Tartalia - absolutely fabulous
  from "Ready"
  Outstanding Debut Recording, Female (tie)

  Yolanda - freedom
  from the EP "Yolanda & the Plastic People"
  Outmusician of the Year



Irina Rivkin

Will Grega

Wishing Chair (Kiya Heartwood & Miriam Davidson)

Tarey Wolf



Note: Sadly, on October 20, 2003, one of my honored artists for this show, Mary Lofstrom, died of ovarian cancer. My February 2003 show included some interview clips from her, and in January of 2003, we featured her latest album on Audiofile. I will miss her talent but am grateful she left us two wonderful albums. Click for more information