June 2003

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Songs I've Been Meaning To Play...

Teenage Rebellion

above, "Teenage Rebellion" soundtrack, from 1967, and below, an album by Billy Devroe & the Devilaires, circa 1957. I've only seen two albums by him, and neither had his photo, so I've no idea what he looks like.

Billy Devroe LP

David & Jonathan

Above, 60s pic of "David & Jonathan," who were really Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway (below), and who co-wrote the Coke jingle sung by the New Seekers (right) and sang "Golden Wonder Boy," which should have been a queer radio hit

Roger Cook  Roger Greenaway

Don't expect continuity on tonight's show, as the selections are ALL over the map! Lots of unusual songs & etc that just haven't fit on other shows. You'll see why...:) 

BeeJays 45


Coke 45

New Seekers

New Seekers

BeeJays 45

BeeJays 45: pass mouse over pic above to see flip side, and click the record (left) to hear it separately

Burt Topper - the gay teenager (1967)
Billy Devroe - queer policeman (1957)
BeeJays - my boyfriend's back (1980)
New Seekers - I'd like to buy the world
   a Coke (1971)
Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway -
   golden wonder boy (60s)
unknown - I'll make him mine (60s)

Movie Radio Ads:
The Sergeant (1968)
Staircase (1969)
The Fox (1968)
Some of My Best Friends Are... (1971)
The Gay Deceivers (1969)
Kevin Coughlin - Gay Deceivers (1969)

Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter -
   aba daba honeymoon (1951)
Richard Chamberlain - three stars will
   shine tonight (1962)
Monroe Brothers - where is my sailor boy    (1936)
Paul Warren - I'm thinking tonight of my
   blue eyes (1997)
Indigo Etheridge - monogamous slut (2001)
JD Collage
Jim Colleran - love the sinner (2002)
Interview quotes by Jon Gilbert Leavitt
   & Deian McBryde (2003)
Deian McBryde - proud and free (2003)

Script...read while you listen...

projector gif
Radio Ads for Queer Movies
projector gif

The Sergeant


The Fox


Richard Burton & Rex Harrison

if a lesbian falls in the forest, does anyone hear her?

The Fox

The Fox

Above, French poster for "The Fox," and,  left, two scenes from it, including the "tree falls on the lesbian" ending

    The Fox

Some of My Best Friends Are...   Gay Deceivers

Special Feature...I've got the movie press kits for both of these, click to see the kit for:

Some of My Best Friends Are...

[ and, I've also got music from the above film on that page...]

The Gay Deceivers

Some of My Best Friends...  Gay Deceivers  Gay Deceivers

aba daba honeymoon

Somehow, a #3 hit in 1951...

Carleton Carpenter

Carpenter, appearing in 1999 in a San Jose, CA, production of
a play called "Legacy," whose cast included Ronnie Gilbert


Carlton Carpenter & Debbie Reynolds

& Debbie

"Shattered Love," by Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain, 1962

In 1962 this record made it to
#10 on the Billboard charts.
Below, with Rachel Ward in
1980 hit miniseries "Shogun"

Chamberlain & Ward

Richard Chamberlain, 2003

Richard Chamberlain finally came out of the closet, just in time for his new book...Chamberlain & Rabbett

With his lover of 27
years, Martin Rabbett

Monroe Brothers

oh, where is their
sailor boy?

Paul Warren CD

Paul Warren

Paul Warren

Jim Colleran

I'm pleased to premier a
demo of Jim Colleran's
"Love The Sinner."
He's got Broadway
songwriting down pat.


Julie Goldman

Julie Goldman is Indigo Etheridge, and you should see the video....

Indigo Etheridge

JD, Robert, friend, with Julie

Julie Goldman

Left, Julie with myself, Robert
Urban and friend, NYC, 6/02

Julie Goldman   Julie Goldman

And, a couple more shots of Julie (added June 2006)

JD's "home studio,"

"The JD Collage"

Several years ago I made a sound wave
collage of quite a few clips that just plain
amused me, from sources such as
movies, songs, cartoons, TV, etc, etc.
The result is sort of twisted and I hope
funny. Hey, this gets it out of my system.

How many of the 52 clips can you identify?

Click to hear it separately (3:45)

Deian, Jon, Kevin

I played Jon Gilbert Leavitt's anthem "Pride" on my  very first show, in January 2000, and I'm very pleased to bring you now his new pride song, "Proud & Free." This time, he chose Deian McBryde to sing it. In addition to being a superb vocalist, Deian is involved with the Rainbow25 project; click below for info on that. And check their individual sites for more info on their music. Left is Deian McBryde, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, & artist  Kevin Hannan, March, 2002.

Click to hear the song separately.(5:11)

Rainbow25 Flag   

More on the Rainbow25 Project...

Quoting from the site's description: Rainbow25 is a worldwide celebration of the creation of the most widely-recognized LGBT symbol in history, the Rainbow Flag. On the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag's birth, Rainbow25, a nonprofit organization, restores the Flag to its original eight colors, chronicles its history and acknowledges the Flag's powerful impact on the LGBT community and the culture at large. The flag was first unfurled, all 1 1/4 miles of it, in Key West on June 15th. Betcha didn't know every color has a meaning. "Sex" and "Magic" were added to restore the missing colors...:)

Rainbow25 Flag
Celebrate Gay Pride
Supreme Court Ruling, June 26, 2003
Click for special section on the Supreme Court Sodomy Law Ruling
and photos and sound files of the Press Conference and Rally in Houston