February 2001
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Playlist: (airdate 2/26/01)
Cris Williamson - sweet woman (1975)
Robin Flower - more than friends (1979)
Trish Nugent - were you there? (1977)

Christy Claxton Interview
Christy Claxton - funky little house (2000)
Christy Claxton - best loved girl (2000)

Spotlight Feature: Gays In The Military
Martin Swinger - military ditty (1994)
Martin Swinger - give us our own (1994)
John Forster - in the closet (1997) *
Fred Small - the marine's lament (1993) *
Charlie King - don't ask, don't tell (1995) *
Hypnotic Clambake - bisexual military (1995)
Boy George - GI Josephine (1999)

Matthew Cloran Interview
Matthew Cloran - the prince (2000)
Matthew Cloran - love came in (and you came out)

Script, read it....

* = straight artist; and underlined names are links

Cris, 1975  Cris, 2001

      Robin Flower

Click for Much More on Trish Nugent


Listen to "Were You There"


Christy Claxton

"Out Of Nowhere"  JD Doyle & Christy Claxton  Christy Claxton  Christy Claxton

Christy, in Houston  Christy at Houston Pride 2001

Matthew Cloran

Matthew Cloran's CD "Finally Free"  Matthew Cloran  

Spotlight Segment: Gays In The Military

Gays In The Military  Martin Swinger  Boy George's CD "Unrecoupable One-Man Bandit"

Above, Martin Swinger and Boy George

Below, straight but supportive artists John forster,
Hypnotic Clambakc, Charlie King & Fred Small

 John Forster  Hypnotic Clambake CD

Charlie King's CD "Inside Out"  JD Doyle & Charlie King, Feb 2001  Fred Small  Fred Small

added October 2004:

And, another great early pic of Cris Williamson, as she hugs Meg Christian...

Meg & Cris