January 2001
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Playlist:    (airdate 1/22/01)
Gwen Avery - sugar mama
   ("Sugar Mama," 2000)
Amy Simpson - circumstances strange/ the end
   (from "Circumstances Strange," 1999)
John Hurley - wailin' & moanin'
   (from "Children's Dreams," 1973)
Cam Clarke - son of a preacher man
   (from "Inside Out," 1999)
Cam Clarke - we are one
   (from "Lion King II: Simba's Pride," '95)
Cam Clarke - palamino road ("Inside Out")

Gay Musicals Set:
from "Lovers" - celebrate (1974)
from "Joseph McCarthy Is Alive and
   Living In Dade County"-
   who have you loved today
   (1977, sung by Gerrard Wagner)
from "Get Used To It" - my leviticus
   (1993, sung by Brad Whitaker)
from "The First Nudie Musical"
    lesbian, butch, dyke
   (1978 movie, sung by Debbie Shapiro)
Jim Caruso - boy from fire island
   ("Caruso, Live & In Person, 2000)

Spotlight Feature: Hollywood Queers
Rock Hudson - open the window and see
   the clowns (from the LP "Rock Gently," 1970)
Tab Hunter - ninety-nine ways (45rpm, 1957)
Sal Mineo - secret doorway ("Sal," 1958)
Anthony Perkins - never will i marry
   ("Greenwillow," 1960)

Martin Swinger - you baby two
   ("BearNaked," 2000)
Holly Near - love don't need a reason
   ("Edge," 2000)

Right, "Lovers" LP, &
Below it, cast members
Joe (Zecca) Esquibel &
David Hernandez.
To their left, another
of Zecca


Below, David Fernandez, who later,
in 1980, recorded as a member of the
Skatt Brothers, the butch dance hits
"Walk the Night" and "Life at the Outpost"

David Fernandez

"Get Used To It"

Martin Swinger's "Bear Naked"

Of course this contains
"Teddy Bears Picnic"

Gwen Avery

Gwen Avery; right,
Amy Simpson's 1999 CD
"Circumstances Strange"

Artist Links :
Gwen Avery
Amy Simpson
Cam Clarke
Jim Caruso
Martin Swinger
Holly Near

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard
on QMH can be purchased
at Goldenrod Music. Please
click on the photo to visit
their site.


"Lovers: The Musical That
Proves It's No Longer Sad
To Be Gay"

"The First Nudie Musical"

Holly Near's "Edge" CD

"Love Don't Need A
Reason" features an
intro by Michael Callen

"Sugar Mama" by Gwen Avery

Amy Simpspn's "Circumstances Strange"

Amy Simpson

Above, Amy Simpson

John Hurley's "Children's Dreams"

Above, gay artist John
Hurley's LP "Children's
Dreams," from 1973. He
Co-wrote Dusty's "Son
Of a Preacher Man"

Cam Clarke's "Inside Out"

Cam Clarke's wonderful
1999 CD "Inside Out"

Cam Clarke

Above, Cam Clarke, and
below, I got to meet Cam
in L.A. in August of 2002

Jim Caruso CD

Jim Caruso

Hollywood Queers Gallery