Bonus Show
Summer 2004

This show is a special gift, to myself and my site's visitors. There have been many songs over the years that I wished I could have played, but could not due to FCC guidelines. So this show is a special Internet-Only show, packed full of songs that FCC regulators would have abortions over. Its content is therefore very adult. Don't complain to me if you don't like it; you were warned.

Since there was no reason to keep to my usual one-hour time limit for a show, I decided to go all out to give you the best of our very FCC-challenged songs. And keeping it to just one hour would have been very difficult. My list kept growing and growing, until it became almost four hours. But you can handle it, I broke it down into manageable segments, each just under an hour. You can visit at your leisure.

Here's the more technical background. In the last year FCC regulations have vastly increased, severely limiting what can be aired on the radio between the hours of 6am and 10pm. (Other times are considered "safe harbor.") This was part due to conservative hysteria over Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction," but I think that was just their golden excuse to further run roughshod over our civil liberties. A station can receive heavy fines for violating their vague guidelines. For more detail, Click Here.

So, I thought it logical to call the show "I'll Be FCC-ing You." Enjoy!

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Complete Playlist

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 1 Playlist   53:48
Nick Name - I Fucked Your Boyfriend (2001)
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - Fuck Off (1977)
Clovers - The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball (1954)
Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues (1970)
Mitch Ryder - Cherry Poppin' (1978)
Lavender Country - Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears (1973)
David Allen Coe - Fuck Anita Bryant (1978)
Pajama Slave Dancers - Homo Truck Driving Man (1988)
Jeff Miller - No Lube (2000, demo)
Well Oiled Sisters - It Ain't Hard Being Easy (1994)
Two Nice Girls - The Queer Song (1991)
Gina Young - Dirt (2002)
Jill Sobule - Don't Fuck With Me (~2000)
Stan Ridgeway & Stewart Copeland - Don't Drop the Soap (1998)
Slam & Dave - Prisoner of Love (1995)
Parodies: Anal Love / Gay1 Steak Sauce /
     Gay Ken / Preacher Man
Nice Peter - The Bush Song (2004)

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 2 Playlist   55:06
Mickey's 7 - Stroke My Spoke (1975)
Mickey's 7 - I've Got My Right Hand (1975)
Canya Phuckem & Howe - In a Sling (1980)
Canya Phuckem & Howe - Warm, Wet Feeling (1980)
Leather Nun - FFA (1983)
Joseph Victor Sieger - Uncut (1993)
Slojack - Suck (1997)
Super 8 Cum Shot - You Make Me Want To Cum (2002)
Zero Patience - Pop-A-Boner (1994)
Wayne Barker - Safe Sex Slut (1994)
Alex Harding - Nuda the Singing Condom (1996)
Rainbo Flava - Okayplaya (2002)
Hair - sodomy (1979)
Meet the Feebles - sodomy (1992)
Girls In The Nose - sodomy (1992)
Romanovsky & Phillips - the sodomy song (1988)
Barbara MacKay - I Ball Chicks (year?)
Tori Fixx - Marry Me (2004)

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 3 Playlist   55:18
Glen Meadmore - Tan My Hide (1991)
Jeff Stryker - Pop You In The Pooper (2002)
Romulus - Addicted To A Dick (1983)
Romulus - Love Is Just An Inch Away (1983)
Men In Drag - I Want Some Dick (1995)
King Missile - Detachable Penis (1992)
DaVinci's Notebook - Enormous Penis (2001)
Bootlickers - HWC (2004)
Drug Addix - Gay Boys In Bondage (1978)
Steven Lynch - Gay (2000)
Topping & Butch - I Remember It Well (2002)
Elton Montello - Jet Boy Jet Girl (1978)
Ballad of Little Mikey - Tap (1994)
Venus Envy - Beaver Cleaver Fever (1990)
Kinsey Sicks - Snatchmaker Snatchmaker (2002)
Kinsey Sicks - I Will Swallow Him (1999)

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 4 Playlist   51:37

Johnny Dangerous - Celebrity Fucker (2003)
Age of Consent - Fight Back
Aaron-Carl- Ghetto Phone Call / Homoerotic (2002)
Saturn - Deviant (2004)
Bitch & Animal - Best Cock on the Block (2001)
Athens Boys Choir - Get In Rocket's Pocket (2004)
Testosterone Kills - Arizona (2003)
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom (1996)
Mark Weigle - Made For Suckin' You (2004)
Mark Weigle - Mr. Trucker Man (2004)
Pansy Division Medley -
Pansy Division - Groovy Underwear (1994)
Alix Olson - Cunt Country (2001)


Keith Haring

...And at last, I've finally found a logical place in which to share these two photos of artwork by Keith Haring.. They were taken of the inside ceiling and walls of the men's bathroom of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center in NYC...probably the most expensive pornography in the world...:)