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Steven Franz - Quentin Crisp

Tret Fure - Sirani Avedis

Coming Out Crew - Communards

2 by Rae Bourbon

Kate Clinton - Bebe K'Roche

Mickey's 7 - Sleeze Attack

Lisa Koch - Kate Clinton


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Dianne Davidson - Jay Spears

2 by Gotham

Mickey - Betsy Lippitt

John Inman - Robin Flower

Robert Campbell - "Oh, Coward" soundtrack

Hunter Davis - Meg Christian

Fabulous Dyketones - Lea DeLaria


Very special interviews with two of our finest artists, Catie Curtis and Deidre McCalla, along with a broad sampling of their music throughout their careers.
Bisexual Songs. Part 1 of this very special look at bisexuality in the lyrics of songs. This month's show covers 1926 through 1997, from Ma Rainey to some very Bi rhythm & blues.
Bisexual Songs. Part 2 continues my special, taking things from 1997 up through the very latest releases, along with interview quotes from Edie Carey & Candye Kane.
Special Tribute to cabaret/comedy act Gotham, with interviews with members Gary Herb, Michael Pace and David McDaniel. They were the 70's/80's leading openly gay cabaret act.
Special Interviews with music legend, Janis Ian; and John Calvi, the man who wrote the beautiful anthem, "The Ones Who Aren't Here;" and talented folk/rock newcomer Steven Franz.
"Queer Music Before Stonewall." a journey back to the 20's through the 60's for the music about us, the music by us, and the music we adopted as our own, in a special 90-minute show + many extras

Salute to the Outmusic 2004 Awards.
Music from all the winners, and more; plus over 300 OMA photos from the awards show, nominee showcase, and post awards concert.

Exclusive (and fascinating) interview with UK queer rocker Tom Robinson, whose "Glad To Be Gay" is one of our pioneering anthems; plus some other surprising UK goodies and historical recordings.
"I'll Be FCC-ing You." A special Internet-Only show packed full of songs that in no way can be played on daytime radio....almost four hours, in four segments. For Adults Only...:)
"Songs I've Been Meaning To Play -- by Male Artists." Includes a salute to early queer cabaret, pop vocalist David Sereda, and several queer imports, among my usual odd surprises.
"Songs I've Been Meaning To Play -- by Female Artists." Includes some unintentional 60's lesbian songs by Carole King, Jackie DeShannon, and some Very intentional dyke songs.
A tribute to Casse Culver and Therese Edell. A look at the contributions to early women's music by these two influential pioneering artists; comments by Boo Price, Alix Dobkin, and Jamie Anderson.
Queer Xmas Specials. Three hours this year! Inclucing interview clips with RuPaul and composer Eric Lane Barnes. Shows packed full of the Xmas music you won't be sick of by now!
Judy Fjell - Deuce

Yer Girlfriend - Karrie Wallace

Elliot Pilshaw & Lorin Sklamberg - Cowgirl Sweethearts

Carol Steinel - Sandra Bernhard