December 2000
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Playlist:     (airdate 12/25/00)
Gay Liberation Quire - hark the herald fairies shout (1981)
South Coast Chorale - coming out for christmas
   ("Christmastime," '94, clip only)

Amy Mills, Mary K. Butler, Valerie Clark & Janey Hall-
   an old-fashioned lesbian christmas ("Coming Out, Coming Home," a Cathedral of Hope production, Dallas, '95)

Aria - shades of christmas ("Glad Tidings We Bring!" '97)
Martin Swinger - christmas blues (from "Scrapbook," '98, and
   also on "BearNaked," 2000)
Robb Williams - i don't remember christmas
   ("What More Can I Say," '98)

Gary Imhoff & Robert Patteri - our first christmas
   (from the '93 soundtrack "All That He Was")
B.D. Wong - wishing you a drag queen christmas (from the
   CD "Cabaret Noel, A Broadway Cares Christmas," '93)

Jaston Williams - tuna christmas (from "Cabaret Noel,
   Broadway Cares Christmas")
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio - walkin' round in women's
   underwear ("I Am Santa Claus," '93)

Pansy Division - homo christmas (from "Pile Up," '95, clip)
Special Feature: Joan Crawford Christmas Visit (1950)
Venus Envy - i'll be a homo for christmas
   ("I'll Be A Homo For Christmas," '95)
Grant King - music
Sons & Lovers - if you get down for christmas
   (both from "Richard Foltz, A Songwriter's Christmas," '95)
Go Go Boys - boys to the world
   ("Gay Apparel Christmas Songs," '96)

Choral Majority - it came upon a midnight clear
   ("Choral Majority's Greatest Hits," '82)
Erasure - silent night xmas greeting
Melissa Etheridge - santa claus is coming to town
   ("Being Sensitive, Private Demos 1986-1993")
Rufus Wainwright - what are you doing new year's eve
   (GAP TV commercial, '98)

RuPaul - rupaul the red nosed drag queen ("Ho Ho Ho," '97)

gay notes

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gay notes


South Coast Chorale-"Christmastime"

"Coming Out, Coming Home"

Martin Swinger's "BearNaked"

"All That He Was"

Go Go Boys "Gay Apparel X-mas Songs"

Melissa, of course

Gay Liberation Quire

Windy City Gay Chorus

Broadway Cares Christmas

Robb Williams "What More Can I Say?"

Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio "I Am Santa Claus"

Pansy Division "Pile Up"

Sons & Lovers

Tuna Christmas

Venus Envy

Venus Envy: Linda Schierman, Lisa Koch, Laura Love, Linda Severt (clockwise from top)

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright
Below, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure


gay notes

Joan, Christina, Phillip

Joan with Christina and then
husband Phillip Terry, Xmas, 1950
gay socks

Richard Foltz "A Songwriter's Christmas"

see Joan smile


"A Songwriter's Christmas" artists: (left to right, standing) Bob Stern, Elliot Pilshaw, Janiece Thompson, Andy Monroe, Grant King, Dan Martin, Richard Foltz, David Clement (seated, l to r) Joshua Koffman, John Whitley, Melinda D, Zenobia, Steve Cohen, Tom McCormack, Laura Wetzler, Patrick Arena. [Stern, Pilshaw, Koffman & Whitley comprised Sons & Lovers, with member Ken Browne not Pictured; right, their 1994 cassette, with Deian McBryde]

artists on "A Songwriter's Christmas"

Artist Links:
South Coast Chorale
Windy City Performing Arts
Martin Swinger
Bob Rivers Twisted Radio
Pansy Division
Venus Envy
Grant King
Sons & Lovers
Melissa Etheridge
Rufus Wainwright

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

Choral Majority

The Choral Majority: Larry Wisch, Leslie
Hassberg, Barbara Brautigam, Tim Curbo

Venus Envy


Choral Majority

One, Dec 1964One, Dec 1962One, Dec 1960

While not related to music, the magazine covers to the left are still of interest, as they are of "One, The Homosexual Viewpoint" from the early 60's.

Happy Homo Christmas