August 2012
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This show is dedicated to Music inspired by the movie "The Wizard of Oz," and Part 1 includes
a special interview with Fred Barton, creator of the 1986 LP "Miss Gulch Returns."
Part 2 features original songs on the theme by Friends of Dorothy.

Part 1 - 58:26
Miss Gulch Returns - You're the Woman I'd Wanna Be
Fred Barton Interview
Miss Gulch Returns - I'm a Bitch
Miss Gulch Returns - Born on a Bike
Miss Gulch Returns - Everyone Worth Taking
Miss Gulch Returns - Pour Me a Man
Miss Gulch Returns - It's Not My Idea of a Gig
Miss Gulch Returns, 20th Anniversary (2004)
              - I Can Be an Icon Too
Miss Gulch Returns - Pour Me a Man, Part II
Miss Gulch Returns - Everyone Worth Taking Part II / Finale

   Fred Barton

Part 2 - 62:54
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)
Mark Weigle - Oz (1998)
Roger Kuhn - No Place Like Home (2006)
Kevin Wood - The Tinman (2002)
Nan Collie - Wings of Song (1991)
Paula Walowitz - Oz (1990)
Ann Reed - Hole in the Day (1993)
Dorothy's Travels - We're Going to the City (2003)
Sparkles soundtrack - La La Land (1981)
Scissor Sisters - Return to Oz (2004)
Chainsaw Kittens - Dorothy's Last Fling (1996)
Anthony Whitaker - All in Good Time (2003)
What Time Is It, Mr Fox - Song for the Tinman (2005)
Allison Tartalia - Mr Wizard (2000)
Allison Tartalia - Dorothy's Reply (2002)
Cris Williamson - Surrender Dorothy (1982)
Michael Holland - Surrender Dorothy (1996)
John Barrowman - The Doctor and I (2010)


More on Fred Barton on my site

Part 2:
Music Inspired by "The Wizard of Oz" by GLBT Artists

Allison Tartalia CD "Ready"