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Starting the year with a Jazz Music Special, which I'm also calling "Some of That Jazz." It's six hours of as much music as would fit by GLBT artists & musicians, that's 62 of them, and including interviews with pianist Fred Hersch and vocalists Kellye Gray and Mark Winkler.
A Tribute to Meg Christian, using a historic 1983 interview, and a 1981 live concert.These were from a main transition time for Meg, when she had just done the "Meg & Cris at Carnegie Hall Concert," and was about to leave Women's Music, in 1984.
Three different segments: First, I uncover a 50 year-old music mystery, revealing the name of the singer of the first full music album of lyrically gay material, with a delightful interview with my inside source. Next is a sampling of quite obscure queer rare songs. And, Part 3, a quick history of German GLBT music, in German.
Lesbian/Feminist Bands of the 70's, interviews with members of the Chicago & New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Bands, the New Harmony Sisterhood Band, and the Berkeley Women's Music Collective, spread over four hours of music.
This month's show is a rambling romp through gay musicals, some with deep
history, some quite rare, some for fun, and many you just may have missed.
I covered 33 of them, in three hours. Enjoy!
Continuing from my May show, this is Part 2 of Gay Musicals. Again, I jump around and sample a whole bunch of music from shows you haven't likely heard in a while, or at all. And, in the second segment Mark Winkler, one of the writers for "Naked Boys Singing," shares some comments.

This is a special two-hour Sylvester Tribute, spanning his twenty years of music, and including the hits, interesting tracks, and some quite rare ones...and a curious interview with him from France, in French.

This show is dedicated to Music inspired by the movie "The Wizard of Oz," and Part 1 includes a special interview with Fred Barton, creator of the 1986 LP "Miss Gulch Returns." Part 2 features original songs on the theme by Friends of Dorothy.
My first ever salute to the genre of Spoken Word, of course all by GLBT artists.
I've got 46 performers spanning 45 years, from Allen Ginsberg to Zorras, some adding music, some just reading, some funny, some sweet, some political and many angry, and all with a message.
"Songs About Anita Bryant" is the focus of the show, not those by her. Her anti-gay campaigns in the late 1970's prompted an amazing amount of musical commentary, enough for a two-hour show, complete with several interviews from folks who were there at the protests.
Another two-hour show: First, Guy Blackman of Australia, on his recently
released CD compilation of 70's gay gems, called "Strong Love." Then, a visit to San Francisco in the 1960's via interviews with Jose Sarria and Michelle.
Of course during my December show I showcase the best of Queer Xmas Music ...who knows what this year will bring, but I promise quality and a dash of obscurity. And, as always, this is the xmas music you Won't be sick of by now.