August 2001
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Playlist: (airdate 8/27/01)
Topp Twins - big ole moon
Topp Twins interview
Topp Twins -baby i think i'll love ya
Y'All-the hey y'all theme song
Y'All - we're still poor & we're still    happy
Y'All interview
Y'All - when you're not around/
   come out with me darling
Marcus Hutcheson interview
Marcus Hutcheson -heavenly love
Marcus Hutcheson -right where i    am
Marcus Hutcheson - over the    rainbow
Dave Hall & Marcus Hutcheson-
   something there is (above two
   recorded live at Houston Pride
   Festival in June)


Artist Links:
Topp Twins
Marcus Hutcheson
Dave Hall

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

Goldenrod Music

Topp Twins "Grass Highway" CD

Topp Twins

Topp Twins

Topp Twins CD "Two Timing"

Topp Twins

The Topp Twins have their
Own TV show in New Zealand,
And some of the characters
They play are shown here.

Topp Twins

Topp Twins


Topp Twins

Late Addition (March 2005)...I decided that the full interviews I got from Linda Topp and Y'All were so delightful that I wanted to share them both, so now you can hear what didn't fit in this show...

Click to hear the Linda Topp Interview, 32 minutes

Click to hear the Y'All Interview (Steven & Jay Bird), 21 minutes

Jaybird & Steven

Y'All CD "Hey, Y'All" from 2001

James Dean JaybirdSteven Cheslik-DeMeyer

Their website is named luckygreendress

"Big Apple Pie," 1995 Their CDs from '94, '95, '95, & 2000

"Christmastime in the Trailerpark," 1995 EP"Y'allology," 2000 Terry, their travelling home
Terry, their home on the road

Y'All and JD at their 2000 Houston show

Y'All & JD

Their first release, 1993


Marcus at the Houston Pride Festival, below, with Dave Hall at KPFT

Marcus Hutcheson "Right Where I Am"

Marcus at Houston Pride Festival, 2001
Marcus & Dave a very candid pic; below, Dave, Mark Islam, Marcus

JD, Marcus, KPFT DJ Jim Carper, Dave Hall JD, Marcus, Jim Carper & Dave Hall at KPFT, June 24, 2001


Dave Hall & Marcus Hutcheson


Dave Hall

Giuseppe Joe Records logo


Dave, Mark Islam, Marcus

Below, late addition to my collection, an early cassette release from them, from 1984

Twinset & Pearls