September 2001
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Above, Bessie Jackson and
below, Josh White, whose songs appear on the 1996 various artists album "Sissy Man Blues," along with those of Ma Rainey, Victoria Spivey, Sippie Wallace and many others.

Bessie Jackson - b.d. woman's blues (1935)
Pinewood Tom (Josh White)-
   sissy man blues (1935)
Janis Ian Feature:

society's child / at seventeen (1967/1975)
play like a girl (2000)
interview by Chris Wilson (8/2001)
when angels cry (1995)
Men At Sea medley:
Tom Robinson - cabin boy (1984)
Cheech & Chong - buggery on
   the high seas (1973)
Martin Mull-men (1977)
Jamie Anderson - i wanna be a straight guy
Special Feature: Anthony Rapp of "Rent"
seasons of love / rent (1996)
Anthony Rapp interview
living alive (2000)
goodbye / look around / now i know (2000)
just some guy (2000)
B.A.L.L.S.-boy watcher (1992)



Below and left, Janis Ian and
her 17th album "God and the
FBI" and further below, her
1967 and 1975 albums

Artist Links:
Tom Robinson
Janis Ian
Jamie Anderson
Anthony Rapp

Some of the music heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music, please click on their photo to connect there.




Above, Tom Robinson and his "Hope & Glory" CD,
and albums by Martin Mull and Cheech & Chong



Above, Jamie Anderson on
A 1992 issue of Hotwire,
And her 1999 release,
"Drive All Night," the source
of "I Wanna Be A Straight Guy"

Anthony Rapp




Left, in 1992 BALLS released
A cover version of the O'Kaysions
1968 hit "girl watcher," while
changing the pronouns. The
group also went by Brothers
About Living Loving & Sensuality.