April 2008
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I couldn't resist interviewing Kristian Hoffman. Not only was I a fan of his music with The Mumps, but he played a vital role in the music of Klaus Nomi, one of our queer music culture's most unusual characters. And The Mumps was probably the first pop/punk band with an openly gay lead singer, Lance Loud. It was fun to dig deeper into Kristian's many side projects over the years, bringing us up to date, and including a sneak preview of his upcoming album, "FOP."

Playlist    (airdate 4/28/08)
The Mumps - Crocodile Tears (1977)
The Mumps - Dutchboy (1976) *
The Mumps - I Like to Be Clean (1977)
The Mumps - Awkward Age (1977)
Klaus Nomi - Samson and Delilah aria (1980)
Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse (1983)
Klaus Nomi - After the Fall (1982)
Klaus Nomi - The Twist (1983) *
Klaus Nomi - Pop Standards Medley
Swinging Madisons - Mediocre Dream (1981)
Swinging Madisons - Society's Child (1981) *
Swinging Madisons - Belinda (1982) *
Bleaker Street Incident - Trigger Happy (1985) *
Kristian Hoffman - I Don't Love My Guru Anymore (1993)
Kristian Hoffman - Odd Man Out (1993) *
Kristian Hoffman - Lemons Never Forget (1994)
Kristian Hoffman - Earthquake Weather (1996) *
Kristian Hoffman - Man In a Hurry (1996) *
Rosenstolz, with Marc Almond - Total Eclipse (2002) *
Kristian Hoffman & Russell Mael (of Sparks)
     - Devil in My Care (2002)
Kristian Hoffman & El Vez - Madison Avenue (2002) *
Kristian Hoffman & Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross)
     - I Could Die for Cute (2002)
Ann Magnuson & Kristian Hoffman
     - Old Enuf 2 B Yer Mom (2006) *
Kristian Hoffman - Evil (2008)
Kristian Hoffman & Rufus Wainwright - Scarecrow (2002)

     * = on internet version only

And the Script page has Many more pics...

Crocodile Tears/I Like to Be Clean 45

Part 1: 47:43
Part 2: 62:54

The two Mumps CDs

Lance & Mumps / Lance

Mumps fan club flyer 

The Nomi Song

The Swinging Madisons EP   The Swinging Madisons

Above, Kristian's 80's acts, The Swinging Madisons, and (below) The Bleaker Street Incident

Robert Mache, Ann Magnuson & Kristian Hoffman: The Bleaker Street Incident

Ann Magnuson (center above) spans 30 years in
working with Kristian, including her 2006 album

Ann Magnuson CD


and, for a wealth of information, pics and trivia, please visit Kristian's site


Above, Kristian and his first three solo albums, and 45

September, 2010, Kristian's new CD "FOP"

Kristian & JD Doyle, in L.A., September 2010


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