April 2001
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Playlist: (airdate 4/23/01)
Ari Gold - should i get over you
Ari Gold interview clips
Ari Gold - write me a love song

Spotlight Feature:
The music of Tom Wilson Weinberg
  (songs interspersed with interview clips)
Tom Wilson Weinberg-lesbian seagull
   from "Ten Percent Revue":
Jenifer Firestone - and the supremes
   from "Get Used To It":
Brad Whitaker - my leviticus
George Howe, Jamie MacKenzie & Brad Whitaker- breaking the penal code with you
from "Don't Mess With Mary":
New York City Gay Mens Chorus
  Chamber Choir - before stonewall
Jan Tilley - bricks & bottles

Dave Hall - his name is joe
Dave Hall interview clips
Dave Hall - biff 'n tony's wedding
Dave Hall - god is wide

Artist Links:
Ari Gold
Tom Wilson Weinberg
Dave Hall

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

Goldenrod Music

Ari Gold

Ari Gold

  Ari    Ari

See much more of Ari on Script Page

Ari Gold's self-titled CD

Above, Ari Gold's 2001 debut CD

3 Ari's

Below, Cabbage Patch Kids LP from 1984, on which a 10-year old Ari sang


Below, Dave Hall's 1997 CD "Playin'
The Man" and, right, "Places," '99

Playin' The Man


     Below, Dave's most recent CD,
               from 2000, "True"
Dave Hall

Dave Hall

Dave Hall

Gay Name Game

Above and below, Tom's two solo LPs, "Gay Name Game" (1979) & "All American Boy" (1982)

All-American Boy

Tom, 1979

Below, 1987 soundtrack for
"Ten Percent Revue"

10% Revue

Tom, 1979
Above and left, two photos
From Tom's flyer, 1979. Below,
"Get Used To It" soundtrack, '93
Get Used To It

Below and right, 2 photos taken by JD Doyle, 1979, Norfolk, with a rare singing appearance by John Whyte, Tom's partner of 27 years.

John Whyte & Tom Wilson Weinberg

Below, John & Tom, photo by David Fields, from the book "Men Together: Portraits of Love, Commitment, and Life," 1997.

John & Tom

Don't Mess With Mary

Tom produced the CD "Don't Mess With Mary" to help commemorate the 25th anniversary of Stonewall

Tom's "hit" song "Lesbian Seagull" was sung by Engelbert Humperdink in the 1982 movie "Beavis and Butthead Do America"