May 2001
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Matt Yee CD

Matt as Auntie Matilda

Above, Matt Yee
as Auntie Matilda

Lisa Koch CD

Lisa Koch and her three CDs,
with "Both Of Me" released
in January of 2002

Check my December 2002 page for an interview with Lisa about Venus Envy


Skott Freedman CD "Anything Worth Mentioning"

Above, 3 pics of
Skott Freedman

Paddy Roberts 10" LP

Paddy Roberts "Strictly
For Grown-Ups," 1959


Charles Pierce


Matt Yee

Lisa Koch CD

Lisa Koch


Skott Freedman CD "Swimming After Dark"

Skott Freedman

Meg Hentges CD "Brompton's Cocktail"

Meg Hentges CD "Brompton's Cocktail," 1999, brought us "This Kind Of Love," which won a GLAMA award for Best Out Song, in 2000.
Below & left, Leah Zicari

Leah Zicari


Above, Charles' 1983 video "Legendary Ladies of the Silver Screen," and below his two comedy albums


Playlist: (airdate 5/28/01)
Matt Yee - make your own kind of music /
   mary tyler moore theme (1999)
Matt Yee-interview (2001)
Matt Yee - i'll reinvent myself (1999)
Lisa Koch - you make my pants pound
Lisa Koch - hickey (1991)
Spotlight Artist: Charles Pierce
   clip from his 1983 show "Legendary
   Ladies of the Silver Screen"
Debbie Burton & Bette Davis - whatever    happened to baby jane (1963)
Skott Freedman - out in waves (2001)
Skott Freedman interview
Skott Freedman - hole in his soul (1999)
Paddy Roberts - lavender cowboy (1959)
Steve Elgin - don't leave your lover lying
   around, dear (1974)
Leah Zicari interview
Leah Zicari - this is gonna hurt me (2001)
Leah Zicari - why do you care (2001)
Meg Hentges - this kind of love (1999)

read all about it...

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

Leah Zicari's "Hard Road" CD



Just in case you thought that song by Debbie Burton & Bette Davis was not real, here's the 45 and it's picture cover....and some extra pics from the movie.



and, to hear more Charles Pierce doing Bette Davis, check out my November 2002 show Charles Pierce