July 2002
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My Queer Music Heritage show for July features the Outmusic Awards, held in New York City on June 9, 2002.

And this page also gives you access to hear the awards event itself, and the AudioFile news story on it.

And, also, I want to share photos I took at the Awards, and during the week preceding it, at the Outmusic Open Mic for June, and several artist performances held at various venues, such as the Robert Urban Productions shows at Sun Music Company. So, please enjoy the following pages.

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Open Mic, 8/19/02

The Show

Performance: Garden Verge
showing of Heritage Video
Heritage Award
Award: Producer
Performance: Josh Zuckerman
Award: Chorus
Performance: Estrogen
Special Recognition Award
Performance: Ari Gold
Award: Female Recording
Award: Male Recording
Performance: Susan Abod
Award: Band/Duo/Group
Performance: Alix Olson
Special Recognition Award
Performance: James Newman
Award: Songwriting
Performance: Amy Fix
Award: Debut Female Recording
Award: Debut Male Recording
Performance: Daniel Cartier
Award: Outstanding Support
Performance: Randy Jones
Award: Outmusician
Award: Out Song
Performance: Randy Jones
with the Bootlickers

Queer Music Heritage show for July 22, 2002

Garden Verge - "Shadow of a Habit"

Magdalen Hsu-Li - "Fire"

Drew Paralic - "Too Little, Too Late"

Estrogen - "Tales From Lesbianville"

Ari Gold - "Ari Gold"


Suede - "On The Day We Met"

  Garden Verge-shining through
  [from "Shadow of a Habit"]
  Outstanding New Recording,

  Skott Freedman-dominoes
  [from "Anything Worth Mentioning"]
  Outstanding New Recording, Male

  Magdalen Hsu-Li -laramie [from "Fire"]
  Outstanding Producer (a tie award)

  Metropolitan Klezmer-brandwein
     in the lotus groove
  [from "Mosaic Persuasion"]
  Eve Sicular, Outstanding Producer (a tie)

  Drew Paralic-too little too late
  [from "Too Little Too Late"]
  Outstanding Songwriter

  Boston Gay Men's Chorus-gloria ["Gloria"]
  Outstanding Chorus or Choir

  Estrogen-lesbian moment / lesbian time
  [from "Tales From Lesbianville"]
  both nominated for Outsong

  Amy Fix-closet / spoon [from "Spoon"]
  Outstanding Debut Recording, Female

  Ari Gold-home [from "Ari Gold"]
  Outstanding Debut Recording, Male

  Suede-emily remembers
  [from "On The Day We Met"]
  Outstanding Recording, Female and
  Outsong of the Year

  Alix Olson-checking my pulse
  [from "Built Like That"]
  nominated for three awards

  Jamie Anderson-listen [from "Listen"]
  Outmusician of the Year

Jamie Anderson - "Listen"

Skott Freedman - "Anything Worth Mentioning"

Metropolitan Klezmer, with the Isle of Lesbos - "Mosaic Persuasion"

Boston Gay Men's Chorus - "Gloria"

Amy Fix - "Spoon"

Alix Olson - "Built Like That"