January 2006
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Playlist      (airdate January 23, 2006)
Yer Girlfriend - We Wont Be Silent (1989)
Yer Girlfriend Medley -
     From "We Won't Be Silent" (1989):
    Ballad of Kevin / She's Not Somebody's Wife
     From "L-Word Spoken Here" (1992):
          Take Another Step / Dyketime / L-Word
     From the V.A CD "A Family of Friends" (1993):
     From "Not Afraid to Love" (1995):
          Xtra Bedroom Blues / Fairness

Bill Folk - We Are Here (1981)
Bill Folk - Man Lovin', Lovin' Man (1991)
Bill Folk - Looking For Mr. Right (1991)


Larry Paulette - Take Me Home With You (1974)
Larry Paulette - What Makes a Man a Man (1977)
Larry Paulette - Silhouettes (1974)

Levi Kreis - With You (2005)
Levi Kreis - Nothing Can Be Everything (2005) 
Levi Kreis - Stained Glass Window (2002)
Levi Kreis - Queer Boy (2002)
Levi Kreis - Hardly a Hero (2005)
Levi Kreis - I Should Go (2005)
Levi Kreis - Man Outta Me (2005)
Levi Kreis - Love In Another Light (2005)

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Yer Girlfriend


Yer Girlfriend, from Hot Wire, photo by Debra Clem

Kentucky lesbian band Yer Girlfriend gifted us with strong & political
music from the late 80's into the middle 90's

We Won't Be Silent (1989)            L-Word Spoken Here (1992)

Not Afraid to Love (1995)            A Family of Friends (1993)

Laura Shine and Carol Kraemer were the principle writers and vocalists, with Phyllis Free on drums, and with Patty O. Veranda and Kathy Weisbach rounding out the group. This line-up continued for the second album, and for their guest spot on the "Family of Friends" compilation (and that song, "Lez-B-Bop," can be found nowhere else). For their third and last album, "Not Afraid to Love," Patty and Kathy were no longer members, and new members were Cindy Campbell, Liz Welsh and Lisa Cates.

An additonal note on the "Family of Friends: A Women's Music Sampler" compilation...it's a delightful who's who of women's music, and was produced by Jamie Anderaon, Sue Fink and Dakota. The title track is a sort of group song, and What a group! If you do not know these names, I suggest you do some googling and learn about the history of the women's music movement: Margie Adam, Jamie Anderson, Teresa Chandler, Dakota, Jane Emmer, Sue Fink, Robin Flower, Tret Fure, Monica Grant, Susan Herrick, Helen Hooke, Deidre McCalla, Libby McLaren, Jean Millington, June Millington, Lyn Vidal, Sharon Washington and Cris Williamson. Other artists on the CD include Laura Berkson, Mimi Baczewska, Diane Lindsay, Pam Hall, OneSpirit (with Kay Gardner), Leah Zicari, Alix Dobkin, and Venus Envy.

      Yer Girlfriend

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Bill Folk


Bill Folk, 1981     Bill Folk - Lookin' for Mr Right (1991)

Singer, writer, activist...one quality of Bill Folk's music is a warmth
that comes out to meet you. He was one of those souls you just know
you would have really liked.

We Are Here (1981)

Click to hear the flip side of this 45, "Woman to Woman, Man to Man"

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Larry Paulette


Larry Paulette - What Makes a Man a Man? (1977)

Let My People Come (1974)     Larry Paulette

The Off-Broadway music "Let My People Come" (1974) was perhaps an unusual place for a cabaret artist to get his start, but Larry Paulette certainly had the drive, and he was able to land an openly gay album on a mainstream label in 1977, which was really doing something. Check out the additional info page for a very interesting article on him from those days, and for his press kit.

Press Kit head shot

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Levi Kreis


Levi Kreis "One of the Ones" (2005)     Levi Kreis "Rough Around the Edges" (2002)

A stroke of coincidence led me to see Levi Kreis sing in 2002, as he was part of the Los Angeles hit play "Southern Baptist Sissies." I knew from his self-released live album "Rough Around the Edges" that it would not take long for those "edges" to become very polished. His new album, "One of the Ones" is a delight, and I can just listen to it over and over. And I guess I wasn't surprised at all that our interview was like talking with an old friend, with a blend of light-heartedness and also thoughful answers about a variety of interesting areas.

Levi Kreis   Levi Kreis on "The Apprentice"

Levi Kreis

Levi Kreis     and more Levi Kreis

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Levi card

And, on March 9, 2006, Levi and Eric Himan came to Houston
as part of their tour, and I got the 5 shots below:

photos by JD   photos by JD

Levi, JD, Eric...well, didn't take this one, but it was my camera...

And, I revisited Levi upon release of
his CD "The Gospel According to Levi."
See my March 2007 show for more pics, and also a short interview in June 2009

more levi pics, late 2007

Update, June 2010

I am DELIGHTED that Levi won a Tony Award for Featured Actor in a Musical