January 2003
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Phranc - surfer girl (1991)
A Few Loving Women: (1973)
  Women Like Me - women like me
  Lucy Wilde - edith (1973)
  Margaret Sloan - i'd like to make
     love to you (1973)
Judy Reagan - hollywood haircut (1983)
Judy Reagan - dyke (1983)
DJ Adler - gay bar blues (1982)
Lily Tomlin - doris gay
Anne Seale (all 1991)

   your women's bookstore
   women womyn wimmin
    lesbian cemetery
Rhythm Method - i met her on a
   sunday (1994)
Goldenrods - lesbian nation (1993)

Wishing Chair Interview
Kiya Heartwood & Miriam Davidson
   the ghost of will harbut (2000)
   sometimes (1996)
   you're the one (1998)
   breathe (2002)
   ordinary day (2002)
   she's everything (2002)


"A Few Loving Women" LP   collage of pics from LP insert

The album "A Few Loving Women" (above left) was the first openly lesbian album. It was recorded in 1973 at the Firehouse in New York City, by members of the Lesbian Feminist Liberation group. The album included a flyer with photos of the participants, and I've made a collage of those pictures above. The most notable member was Margaret Sloan, also known as Margaret Sloan-Hunter, one of the founding editors of Ms. Magazine, and she was also an author and poet. A photo of her from 1989 is below.

Sloan-Hunter, old and recent pics Margaret Sloan-Hunter - 1947 - 2004

Click for large scans of this album

   Judy Reagan and Nan

Left, Judy Reagan's 1983 included the wonderful "Hollywood Haircut," a tribute to the out lesbians of the 50s & 60s, who paved the way for us all.
See script page for the song's lyrics.

Also, another pic of Judy Reagan, from the album cover. She's shown with a woman named "Nan," though it's not told who that was, perhaps an inspiration to her.

Click for Large Scans of Judy's LP


yes, she's "Positively Phranc"


Please check out my special interview with Phranc, on my QMH show for
September 2005

I opened the show with "Surfer Girl" from her 1991 album "Positively Phranc." Her other albums are below.

Folksinger (1985)
I Enjoy Being A Girl (1989)
Goofyfoot (EP, 1995)
Milkman (1998)

Phranc, "I Enjoy Being A Girl"  Phranc, "Folksinger"

Phranc, "Milkman"   Phranc, "Goofyfoot"


Artist Links:

DJ Adler
Wishing Chair

Rhythm Method's 1994 tape

Rhythm Method, a very talented
a cappella group recorded two albums: their self-titled cassette from 1994, and their CD (right) from 1996. The group has, regretfully, disbanded, but these two releases are well worth tracking down.

Rhythm Method's 1996 CD, their last release

Anne Seale's cassette "Sex For Breakfast" Anne SealeAnne Seale & Sasha Hedley

Anne Seale (shown with drink and with her accompanist Sasha Hedley) recorded the delightful comic tape "Sex For Breakfast." [photos are from "Hot Wire" magazine from 1993]. In recent years she has contributed to several books of lesbian erotica.




the mysterious Goldenrods

The Goldenrods were likely not what they seemed. The lead singer,
Jenny Gunston, sang "c'mon, sisters, get together," but she
was the only woman on the record, and that wasn't even her
shown on the 45rpm pic cover. The record was written &
produced by men, and played by an all-male band.
The song's writer, Barry Hall, contacted me in July 2009, to
assure that the song was indeed a sincere tribute.



DJ Adler

The cassette tape to the right is very rare, and my research has told me nothing about the artist other than is given on the tape jacket. And I don't even own an original of the tape, this is a xerox of the cover. So, if you can provide any info, please let me know. As you can see from the song list, it's a very openly lesbian tape, just wish I knew more about her.

DJ Adler
Kiya Heartwood & Miriam Davidson are Wishing Chair

"Singing with the Red Wolves"

Undisputed Country


Stand Up 8


Kiya & Miriam

Kiya Heartwood & Miriam Davidson
and their wonderful albums

JD & Wishing Chair, May 2005, at the Houston International Festival

Ghost of Will Harbut


Dishpan Brigade

Folk & Roll

Below, great shot I got of them at the Houston Women's Music Festival, October 2011