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Ray Bourbon 78's

Note: I am not trying to portray a discography of Ray's 78's, just a quick pictorial visit.
A few of these are in my collection, but most are scans from the net.

New! The Internet Archive has much expanded their section on Bourbon's LPs & 78s,
with many sound files

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Western Bourbana
circa 1935


New Bourbon Records
circa 1945



Album set “Mid Nite with Ray Bourbon”.
Includes the 78s for “The Raid” and “The Wedding”. Image courtesy of Charles C. Cage.


Above, a later pressing of "Cocktail Ray," as "Virgin-ia's Downfall," year unknown,
flip side ("Hitler's Orders") was by other unnamed performers (a man and woman)

Liberty Music Shop




Hollywood Hot Shots
& Hi-Society


The above sides were on the same disc, by different artists
Cliff Edwards later became the voice of Jiminy Cricket


Party Novelty pressings
only one side is Bourbon




Bourbon Album #1

Flyer for Bourbon's album sets, circa 1940's

Bourbon Album #2

Album #1 is Imperial 78's: 103, 104 & 105
Album #2 is Imperial 78's: 107, 108 & 112

McBride's Disc Shop

Below, not sure about the story of these, as the tracks were also on Imperial 100

These tracks were on Imperial 101


Note different spellings of "lay" and "lei," from different pressings



below from late 1940s