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News Articles on Ray Bourbon

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News Clippings

From Gay Newspapers

From Mainstream Press:

The Trial

Ray's Death

Early Years (Prior to 1966), Below:

above & below, Ray's real name was Hal Waddell


it is unknown how much of the above info is actually true

the Juarez club mentioned in the above clipping,
he would receive billing their ads later



And, see didn't last long...


Below, is this the same "Boys Will Be Girls" show brought from L.A. to S.F.?






Jean Malin died 8/10/33


Ray, on the Radio







Above left, Miami Beach, probably early 1940's










Above is the famous cllipping shown on the back cover of the LP "Let Me Tell You About My Operation"



Above & below, August 1956 arrest in L.A. for impersonating a female




Below, 1951 letter from Ray, eBay scan (unfortunately quite small)