The Gay Liberation Quire, of Sydney, Australia

My copy of the very rare 7" EP apparently was autographed by the Quire. Gary Dowsett provided me with the photographs, and Paul van Reyk sent me the songbook. Huge thanks to both of them.

Gary had this description of the photo: "The colour one was taken at our performance at a Marxist Summer School in 1981 or 1982 (I think) at the University of Sydney campus. These Summer Schools were for radical academics discussing Marxism and other like theories, so we decided to wear second-hand army shirts covered with political buttons as if we were 70s student radicals (the dress here at that time and, of course, many of us had been such). That's me in back playing the recorder"


THE GLQ had a "Songbook"...the copy I have has 23 pages; here are the first four,
which includes the two songs sung on my December show.

and, another pic of the GLQ...[poor quality due to it being a scan of a newspaper pic,
but still a rare shot]