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 "Queer Music Heritage" is both a radio show and a website, and the goal of
both is to preserve and share the music
of our culture. Started in January of
2000, it has become the resource on
the net for the history of LGBT music.
Each month's page gives the playlist
and additional pages of info, and you
can stream or download every show.
And I love feedback and questions.

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Above, a central starting point to the
Women's Music on this site

Please see these other special sections of my site

Submissions? I play lots of new music on QMH and OutRadio, and I would love to have
yours. See my section on GLBT Music Radio Shows for my address and many others.
A mini-segment of each month's QMH is heard as a part of Queer Voices, on KPFT, 90.1 FM, Houston, the fourth Monday of the
month, around 8:30 pm. But I really recommend listening to the show on this site to get all of the programming and information.

What else is special on QMH?

JD Doyle Archives Tour, filmed by Sean Kagalis, on 3/13/12


Above left, I've acquired a scrapbook from 1949, from Edinburgh, Scotland,
that tells of the 30-year love of Angus Fitzroy for Toby McCutcheon,
with photos, drawings and postage stamps to mark their world travels

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I've been asked to add a Donation Button to my site,
and have agreed, as with its huge sound files and
countless graphics spread over about 2000 pages,
well, it's an expensive site. If you're moved to help
share and preserve our culture's music I'd be very appreciative! - JD Doyle

Have you thought of downloading my shows, perhaps for your iPod? It's tricky if like me you use Firefox,
so I temporarily open up Internet Explorer and paste in the show's URL. Then Right Click on the Download
button...that's always the lower half of my Listen buttons. Get the dropdown menu, and select "save target as"
....that should open up a box asking where on your computer you want to save the file. Once saved you
can move to iPod, MP3 player, etc.


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Perhaps the coolest compliment I've gotten, from Gretchen's Press Page:

image grab from her site, her idea...:)

And, this listener paid Such a compliment to what I do, and what the artists do,
that I had to share it. I marvel at how well he summed it all up in just a few words.