Volume 1, #7 - December 1947

The shortest issue, at only eight pages

I find the above "chain letter" Very interesting, and not only for the mix of names it includes.

Diana Fredericks was an author, whose book "Diana" was reviewed in Issue #6

Stephen Gordon was the main character in Radclyffe Hall's "Well of Loneliness," Issue #2

Beverly Shaw was a well-known Los Angeles entertainer and club owner

Click for my extensive website page on her

what I find interesting is that all my research on her indicates she was a "1950's"
entertainer, and her matter-of-fact mention as an Out lesbian, in a December 1947
publication would revise that

Tommy Williams was a popular "male impersonator," click Here for the late 1940's
Club Jewel Box program that contains the photo below

"Tess" Wheeler is a mystery to me. There was an L.A. lesbian club called "Tess's" or
"Tess's Cantina," but I've not found the last name of the owner to verify this theory.
If you know who "Tess" Wheeler is, please let me know

Update (August 2013): I was contacted by Jon Ponder, who is writing a book on the history of the Sunset Strip
c. 1910 to 1959, titled "Playground to the Stars." He writes "In my research, I have come upon a good deal of information about Tess, who, with her husband Elmer, operated an upscale lesbian-friendly nightclub on the Strip called Cafe Internationale from 1938 to 1942, when it was placed off limits by the military and subsequently lost its liquor license. Elmer died that winter but Tess went on to open several other clubs. She also bought a house on Gardner Street in Hollywood where she lived with her partner, Sylvia Reiff, who used the pseudonym Radclyffe Hall."
Some interesting links to his website: Cafe Internationale and Jane Jones' Little Club


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